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Judge Sharon Keller
Party Republican
Born August 1, 1953, Texas
Education BA Rice; JD SMU
Occupation Presiding Judge - CCA
Marital Divorced
Children 1

Judge Sharon Keller


Born in Texas, Keller graduated from Rice University in Houston in 1975 with a major in philosophy and obtained her J.D. degree in 1978 from Southern Methodist University School of Law.[1]

According to Texas Monthly, when Keller was asked in a preelection interview if she was bound to follow the law, even if it meant an unjust result. “Absolutely ... Who is going to determine what justice is? Me? I think justice is achieved by following the law”, she replied.[2] “She's extremely religious ... [S]he believes strongly that God is on her side", said one colleague. "Her commitment to her religion was enormous”, stated another friend.[2]

She is chairman of the Texas Task Force on Indigent Defense. She serves on the executive board of the Capitol Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.[2][3]

In 2000, Keller was challenged in the Republican primary election for the "presiding judge" slot, which she assumed the next year, by sitting Judge Tom Price of Dallas. Keller prevailed, 122,958 (54.8 percent) to Price's 101,514 votes (45.2 percent), but Price remained on the court until his retirement in 2015.[4]


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