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Cecil Bell
Party Republican
Born Rosenberg, TX
Education Oakwood High School, 1980
Occupation State Rep HD 3
Religion Church of Christ
Children 2

Cecil Bell


MCTP PAC Rating of: 83 Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2022-01-18 04:50:50


  • Votes in House on 2A, pro-life issues and pro-Texas Matters issues
  • Says members that have busted quorums should lose their chair positions
  • Concerned about the use and abuse of fund derived from the
  • Advocates for smaller government that only meets constitutional requirements
  • Favors reducing ad-valorem taxes in favor of a consumption
  • Opposes the use of taxpayer dollars to distribute or perform abortion procedure
  • Opposes high-speed rails, especially eminent domain to secure private proerty. Would like to see the chief appraiser elected


  • Says the process by which the house speaker is chosen has been a a successful process(though our last three speakers have been a disaster)
  • Deferred to SBOE during question about IB ("that it's ok as long as it's being taught within school SBOE guidelines"). Has weak position against toll roads (Tolls OK as a option, w/some restrictions - no mention of voter approval); 2021 TFR rating of 62.

Video Interview 12/21/21 Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2022-01-03 22:51:17




This is a Republican primary race. Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have with it.

I support the RPT platform caveated that ambiguity exists in some.

Do you support Interposition and Nullification as it pertains to Texas State Sovereignty?

I support both constitutional authorities and have (and will) carried and voted for bills to assert state sovereignty. 

Please list the pros & cons of how the Texas House chooses its Speaker and Committee Chairmen and what, if any, changes you propose.

Pros - Historically successful process. Cons- Lots of power in Speaker position. Changes- members guilty of quorum busting must lose chairs, vice chairs, associated committees funding and Speaker appointments on return.

What differentiates you from your opponents?

I’m a business owner making payroll, paying taxes and creating jobs. I’m an originalist regarding the Constitution. I’m 
the Conservative voice and vote in Texas House on prolife, pro 2A, pro values, and proTexas matters.

Please describe your views on gambling as a funding source for education and other budget items, and whether gambling should be expanded or reduced. Why?

The Lottery was created to fund pub ed. I voted to abolish the Lottery but it survived. While i am not opposed to 
rights of responsible adults to gamble, as a Christian I’m concerned with the possible consequences and as a fiscal conservative, with the allocation and usage of funds.


Please describe your plan for balancing the Texas budget. What budget items need to be cut and what taxes and fees need to be increased?

Tx is constitutionally required to balance the budget. I voted to add an inflation matrix limit as well. I’ve worked to eliminate the franchise tax. The HHSC facilities budget is inflated and needs cut. While shift from ad valorem to sales taxes is a good move, no fees or taxes need increased.


Will you commit to reduce the size of government at all levels by a specific date, so that total spending would not exceed 8% of total personal income (which includes corporations and other business entities as well as individuals) at the federal level, 5% at the state level, and 5% at the local level?

Government at every level needs reduced to constitutional functions. I agree with reducing government and costs to the level required to meet constitutional obligations. The percentages should track to real costs to fulfill responsibilities to citizens.


What is your view regarding reducing or eliminating property taxes in favor of increased sales taxes and increased user fees?

I support reducing ad valorem taxes in favor of consumption taxes.

Would you be wiling to abolish the property tax and or income tax in favor of a consumption tax?

I support elimination of ad valorem taxes in favor of consumption taxes caveated that facilities and maintenance there of should remain a local cost or fee.


What problems do you see with how the Legislature creates Improvement Districts and Special Purpose Districts and what solutions do you propose? Specifically address indebtedness.

SPD have a place in Texas. The SPD taxes are only paid with the entity while growth in tax base reduces tax rate for all . Debt resides with in the entity and is not state or county debt.

What do you propose to solve the problem of underfunded liabilities, such as the state employee retirement fund?

I voted to capitalize retirements funds and to meet state obligations with rule changes to protect actuarial soundness for retirees, and revamped guidelines for new hires.

2nd Amendment - guns

What firearm and carry restrictions should Texas government require of citizens? Why?

The originalist interpretation of limitations of the U.S. Constitution concerning how citizens can forfeit 2A 
rights should be the only restrictions.

5th Amendment- due process

The residency law, as it pertains to Voting in Texas, is ambiguous at best. Some have been selectively prosecuted, while others receiving compensation (cheap rent), have been allowed to skate. Will YOU carry legislation that clarifies this ambiguity and if so, generically speaking, what will it say?

I’d be willing to carry legislation to define residency. My thought is to use the physical address where you 
maintain your presence or have legally designated as your home of record.

Other civil liberty

Do you support or oppose limiting the power of eminent domain to public works purposes? Support Oppose

ED is expressly intended to be limited. I support limiting ED have worked to prevent forced annexation by cities, 
and have worked to include limitation to ED in new special purpose districts. I have fought to protect the private
 property rights Texans from abusive power-play imposition of ED powers for any purpose.


If you were able to fix how public education was funded, how would you do it and why?

I voted for HB 3 and to fully fund HB 3. I carried bills to use 50% of budget surplus to buy down local property taxes. i also carried a bill to shift funding of operations away from Local property taxes.

When did you first become aware of the progressive's CScope/Common Core/CRT/SEL/IB and what is your plan going forward to stop it?

I have worked and voted to prevent CScope/CommonCore/CRT from being taught in Texas. 


Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?

No, no, no.

Health care

Will you oppose the use of state funds to distribute abortion-causing drugs, such as RU-486?

I coauthored and voted to ban mail order abortion drugs. I oppose the use of taxpayer dollars to distribute or 
perform abortion procedures.


Will you vote to prohibit the use of state funds to teach immigrants in their native languages, instead of English (so-called bilingual education)?

Until federal immigration is addressed, limited bilingual is necessary to meet court mandated success of all 


Please fully describe what methods of funding roads in Texas you will support and oppose, and give your reasoning. Please discuss all revenue sources, tax diversions, tolls, and debt.

I favor maintaining current state and local funding options caveated that tolls/fees end when debt is paid and no conversion of free lanes to toll/fee and free lanes adjacent to roads constructed using tolls.

What will you commit to do to prevent Texas Central Railway from exercizing Emminent Domain to destroy Texas farms and ranches?

I am opposed the TCR having ED powers. I have carried bills and will continue to carry 
bills to stop the use of any taxpayer funds and ED powers by TCR


What is the most important legislative problem you see for the next legislative session and what do you propose to solve it?

Property tax and appraisal reform. I intend to fight for appraisal cap of 5% on all real property including commercial. To have the chief appraiser elected. And fight to change how we fund public ed in Texas.

Do you support or oppose requiring schools, public health departments or any medical personnel to secure consent from a parent or legal guardian before prescribing, dispensing or administering contraceptive drugs or devices to a minor? Support/Oppose

I support requiring parental/legal guardian consent in all instances. 

Please list the top issues where you oppose federal government intrusion into Texans' lives and how you intend to oppose such intrusion

Vaccine mandate, shutdown of private businesses and interfering with private sector individual jobs, thermal energy policies, state sovereignty, exec orders. I’ll support efforts to oppose federal overreach and support Texas and Texans.