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Jackie Waters
Party Republican
Website N/A
Born N/A
Education N/A
Occupation Retired School Teacher
Religion Woodlands United Methodist Church
Children 0

Jackie Waters


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Note:  Dr. Wally Wilkerson is the Co Committee Chair of Assoc. Repubs of Texas (ART) that selected Ms. Waters to run against Graaroots Conservative and Tea Party favoirte Steve Toth.


MCTP PAC Rating of: 11 Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-02-11 18:26:33


  • Fairly inactive precinct chair, before resigning to run for this office.


  • Did not finish our questionnaire, after she reached the "what separates you from your opponent"?
  • In the second question below about who she relies on when the going gets tought, she said "I will go above and beyond to talk to the voters of District 15 that the legislation will impact the most.  I will also send out questionaires to all Republican and Tea Party Groups as well as all Republican Voters.  I am a "Hands-On" person. (She wouldn't finish our questionnaire, nor interview, and canceled her first forum at Eagle Forum a mere 1-1/2 hours before the event).
  • With respect to property tax reform, Waters indicated none was needed and said further ""When there is an appraisal district, you have a chance to go before them to get your taxes lowered on your home," she said. "There is a way to question...  More



This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.


Do you support Interposition and Nullification as it pertains to Texas State Sovereignty?

Interposition and Nullification are synonymous terms that I support as it  pertains to "Texas State Sovereignty."   The Constitution of the United States 10th Amendment was written by our Founding Father's to protect  all Citizen's from an overreaching Federal Government.  I fit in with the 64% of Americans that  believe our Federal Government is too big and overreaching!   I will support or create legislation to uphold Principles 13 and 14 of the  Platform of The Republican Party of Texas, 

What do you primarily rely on to help you make difficult decisions as it relates to public policy?

I will go above and beyond to talk to the voters of District 15 that the legislation will impact the most.  I will also send out questionaires to all Republican and Tea Party Groups as well as all Republican Voters.  I am a "Hands-On" person.  I will go meetings where constituates can ask questions about the legislation and if I don't know the answer, I will go to the experts on the impact of the legislation and ask questions. My phone line and email will always be open and available to the people I represent! Then, I will stand up for the people of our district!  This is the peoples seat, not my seat  If you ever see me stray from representing your voice, I want you to remind me that I am your voice in Austin!

What is the most important problem you see that needs to be addressed by the position your running for and what do you propose to solve it?

The most important issue for the Texas House of Representatives that will have the most impact on District 15 is electing a Speaker that can pass Conservativie legislation through the House and Supports the Principals of the Texas Republican Party Platform. 


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

1.  I am a  a pro-life conservative determined to reduce the intrusions of government into our lives and to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.

2.   Supporting Quality Education -  I have the educational experience to know where the regulations and mandates are burdening our        school system and will fight for serious reform thats gives parents real choices for their children!

3.  I will stand for lowering taxes for all Texans!

What differentiates you from your opponents?

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Do you support or oppose English being the state language? Why?

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Do you favor term limits? Please explain why or why not.

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Please list at least two improvements that can be legislated to prevent the abuses of Special Purpose Districts by developers.

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Please describe your plan for balancing the Texas budget. What budget items need to be cut and what taxes and fees need to be increased?

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Will you commit to reduce the size of government at all levels by a specific date, so that total spending would not exceed 8% of total personal income (which includes corporations and other business entities as well as individuals) at the federal level, 5% at the state level, and 5% at the local level?

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What is your view regarding reducing or eliminating property taxes in favor of increased sales taxes and increased user fees?

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2nd Amendment - guns

What firearm and carry restrictions should Texas government require of citizens? Why?

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5th Amendment- due process

The residency law, as it pertains to Voting in Texas, is ambiguous at best. Some have been selectively prosecuted, while others receiving compensation (cheap rent), have been allowed to skate. Will YOU carry legislation that clarifies this ambiguity and if so, generically speaking, what will it say?

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Other civil liberty

Many Texans have made the decision to live in unincorporated areas and forgo the “benefits” of living within a city in order to secure more personal liberty and freedom. Yet, when incorporated areas overspend and live beyond their means, those incorporated areas, with the blessings of state government, are allowed to assert a claim to the private property of those who have chosen to remain apart from those incorporated areas. How will you correct this?

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Do you support or oppose limiting the power of eminent domain to public works purposes? Support Oppose

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Please list the top issues where you oppose federal government intrusion into Texans' lives and how you intend to oppose such intrusion.

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If you were able to fix how public education was funded, how would you do it and why?

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Will you vote to prohibit the use of state funds to teach immigrants in their native languages, instead of English (so-called bilingual education)?

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Please describe your views on gambling as a funding source for education and other budget items, and whether gambling should be expanded or reduced along with the reasons supporting your viewpoint.

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Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?

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Please fully describe what methods of funding roads in Texas you will support and oppose, and give your reasoning. Please discuss all revenue sources, tax diversions, tolls, and debt.

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In less than 10 years, the GOP-controlled legislature has departed from pay-as-you-go road building and instead plunged Texas into $31 billion (principal & interest) in road debt rather than end road tax diversions (gas tax and vehicle sales tax) and use our existing taxes to properly fund roads. Under Perry's leadership, they’ve also bought into public private partnerships that undermine our state sovereignty over our public infrastructure by handing control of our public roads to private, foreign toll operators in 50 year sweetheart deals. How will you end the transfer of Texas sovereignty & protect existing tax funded roads?

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