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Davey Edwards
Party Republican
Born 1970
Education TAMU (BS), TAMU-CC (MS GSEn), UT-Dallas (PhD Geoscience)
Occupation Land Surveyor
Marital Married
Children 3

Davey Edwards


I am a 6th generation Texan that is qualified in land administration systems and passionate about my Texas heritage. The Texas General Land Office, the first c...reated agency in 1836, is an unknown but important agency in Texas tasked with generating revenue for the Permanent School Fund which supports public education in Texas. The GLO is also responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the Alamo.

Recently, these two historic places have come under attack due to lack of interest in Texas historical knowledge and a passion for Texas in order to build a political portfolio for higher office. Texas is unique because it was once a sovereign nation who won her independence from Mexico in 1836 through the battle cry "Remember the Alamo!" And because of this sovereignty and the 1850 Compromise, Texas retained all her land to benefit the growth of Texas meaning there is NO Federal lands in Texas. Texas sovereign lands are under the stewardship of the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, an elected position since joining the Union in 1846. For the first century of its existence, the position had been held by a land surveyor or at least by individuals who had knowledge of land surveying. The last few decades this office has been held by politicians who have sought higher offices pushing their selfish agendas with disregard to the agency.

I am standing up for Texas and pursuing this prestigious office. My goal is to be the voice of Texans by addressing the following issues:
- Protecting the Texas General Land Office from the neglect and abuse of politicians by being a steward of Texas sovereign lands using my expertise.
- Properly applying the statutes for the preservation and maintenance of the Alamo through transparent leadership and perpetuation of the Alamo complex using historical architecture and restoring remembrances of those who died for Texas sovereignty in the 1836 battle!
- Continue to fight against intrusions of Federal land claims against Texans and the interest of the State of Texas.
- Providing the lowest interest rate loans for Veterans who seek to purchase Texas lands and homes.
- Monitoring and conservation of Texas mystique coastline without forcibly infringing on the private property rights of Texans.
- Educate Texans and the world on the importance of the Texas General Land Office and proper land administration systems management.


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  • Protect TGLO from neglect and abuse of politicians
  • For the preservation and maintenance statutorally of the Alamo
  • Seemingly qualified, w/good solid initiatives listed in his bio


  • A virtual unknown on the political scene
  • Was non-responsive in our attempts to interview him




This is a Republican primary race. Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have with it.


Describe the proper role of TGLO in dealing with Texas water issues and list at least two specific initiatives you recommend.

Texas water rights is under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Enviromental Quality.  The GLO is the steward of the sovereign lands of the bed of statutorially navigable rivers in Texas.

What should TGLO do to better protect or prepare Texas coastal regions against natural disasters?

With approximately 370 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, Texas is vunerable to natural disasters.  Coastal maintenance and preservation can be accomplished through local, state and Federal programs to provide storm risk mitigation and enviromental restoration projects.  There are about four different regions of the coastline that are markedly different and have different needs.  That is why there is a need for local input.

Please discuss the challenges the TGLO faces in dealing with the federal Bureau of Land Management and how you propose to meet those challenges.

Because there is no Federal land in the State of Texas, the GLO is the sole steward of the sovereign lands in Texas.  I volunteered my expertise and time to help the State of Texas as an advisor to officials in Austin and Washington DC on the issues created by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management along the Red River.  Through this effort, the BLM cancelled their surveys along the river due to improper land surveying methods and the law suit was settled in favor of State of Texas.  This qualification, passion, and effort is what I can bring to the GLO.

Please describe your philosophy of public land management.

Sovereign lands in Texas are unique and have been under six governments.  But unlike other states that joined the Union, Texas retained its lands to pay its war debt and build its infrastructure.  The sovereign land now is being used to generate revenue for the Permanent School Fund for public education in Texas through the sale and lease of these lands.  The lands of Texas are important to Texas public education.  This is why a knowledge of the land administration system is important to proper land management in the GLO.

What new initiatives should the TGLO undertake to ensure the preservation of Texas' family farms and ranches?

The ability of the GLO and the Agricultural Commissioner to purchase conservation easements to preserve farms and ranches is available to the public.  This program is not used often and I am unsure of the amount of funding is available at this time.

What differentiates you from your opponents?

I have spent the last 15, or so, years qualifying myself through professional credentials as a land surveyor and higher education in surveying engineering and geosciences to be the next Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office.  I have not worked to build a political portfolio to be in this office nor do I desire to use this office to build a political portfolio to move to a higher office.  I am a 6th generation Texan with a passion to serve Texans to protect the integrity of the GLO and preserve Texas heritage through proper stewardship of the Alamo.

Please list any federal grant monies you would refuse because of federal "strings."

I am not familiar with the federal grant monies at this time but would definately make sure that the State of Texas and its citizens are not adversely affected.

As a new TGLO commissioner, what did/are the first two changes you made/envision making?

The first two things the GLO needs to address will be review of the primary duties of the GLO to be more efficient and effective and the second is to follow the statutory instructions to preserve, maintain, and protect the architectural and historical integrity of the Alamo and not implement a plan to reimagine or change the Alamo or its contents.

Please discuss the proper working relationship between the TGLO and FEMA and what changes can be made to improve relief efforts

Now that the GLO is responsible for disaster relief and responsible for coastal management, it has to work closely with FEMA.  As for relief efforts, a Commissioner that is not going to let political aspirations impede the dissemination of funding.  A program that monitors the coastal ocean wind and water (TCOON) provides crucial information that is used by the government, academic, and public needs to continue through efforts by the different groups which include the GLO.


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

I am running for office to give my expertise to benefit the State of Texas, passion to serve the citizens of Texas, and bring respect to the oldest agency in Texas.  I do not see any potential conflicts of interest.

Please give your view of the relationship between the TGLO and the Texas Department of Agriculture and what improvements can be made in the working relationship between the two.

The GLO and Department of Agriculture work together to purchase conservation easement on ranches and farms to protect them from urban sprawl.  This program within the GLO that I am not as familiar with and would work to understand better.

Why have you chosen to run for Texas Land Commissioner rather than Texas Agriculture Commissioner or Texas Comptroller?

I chose to run for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office because of my qualifications and experience with the Texas General Land Office as a licensed state land surveyor.  I understand its importance to the record of the land and why it needs proper stewardship through knowledge instead of being politicized. 

Please comment on the TGLO's disaster relief response to the wildfires of 2011 & 2012, and hurricanes Ike(2008) and Harvey (2017)?

The GLO's response to the current disaster created by Hurricane Harvey has been slow partially due to the Federal response combined with two other disasters in Floriday and Puerto Rico.  A need to turn to the State of Texas for an interm relief while working closer to the Federal government may give the affected Texans a faster response.

What more can the Texas General Land Office (TGLO) do in support of Texas veterans?

With more veterans coming home, the GLO needs to continue to work to assist them and their family with the ability to get a home with loans that are affordable understanding their needs.

Please describe your experience in land management.

As a professional land surveyor, I take great pride in the preservation of the record of the land which constitutes the land tenure system.  I also have higher studies in geosciences to understand geology which can be used for better stewardship of sovereign lands.  I have graduate studies in land management systems throughout the world with specific studies of Texas ancient cadastral systems with a masters degree in geospatial surveying engineering from Texas A&M University.


What if any changes in state taxes will you push this next session and why?

The GLO should not push any legislation on taxes.

2nd Amendment - guns

What firearm and carry restrictions should Texas government require of citizens? Why?

The 2nd amendment allows the citzens the right to bear arms and not be infringed.  The only people that are affected by government control on guns are law abiding citizens.

Other civil liberty

Please list the top issues where you oppose federal government intrusion into Texans' lives and how you intend to oppose such intrusion.

I strongly oppose any legislation that terminates the lives of unborn humans at any stage for any reason.  I plan on using the recognition of this state-wide office to promote life and the option of adoption and embryo adoption based on my own personal experience.


What opportunities can you suggest for improved revenue generation for the Permanent School Fund (PSF)?

For over a century, the GLO has successfully granted and leased minerals from the State.  Methods of this process have also improved.  Utilizing the internet to remotely renew leases is one of the newest method.  Continued effort to expand and grow with today's evolving technology along with improved management techniques should enhance revenue generation for the PSF.

What initiatives should the TGLO undertake to better protect the assets in the PSF from economic downturns?

The GLO can lock in leases at a higher rate and make prudent decisions as to the resources being leased.


What measures will you strongly promote to the legislature to improve protection of private land owners in border regions from illegal immigration and drug traffic?

Private land owners along the border have to live with illegal immigration and drug traffic.  Certain areas of Texas along these borders are remote and some are unaccessable.  As Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, I would like to work closely with Homeland Security on increased presence of security on a virtual wall while protecting the property rights of the citizens and the State of Texas by not creating a physical barrier acquiescing land between a wall and the Rio Grande.

What should be the key factors in a Guest Worker program and what criteria would you require for each factor?

I am not familiar with the Guest Worker program.

Please explain why you do or do not support the government providing financial benefits and free services to non-citizens.

I personally do not think that government financial benefits and free services should be provided to non-citizens.