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Rick Range
Party Republican
Born Dallas County
Education No. Texas State, BME
Occupation Retired Firefighter
Religion N/A
Children 0

Rick Range


From Campaign website:

 Rick Range is a fourth-generation Texan and a lifelong resident of Dallas County where his family has lived since 1890. He graduated from Irving High School and then attended North Texas State University in Denton and West Texas State University in Canyon where he received his B.M.E. Range taught at the junior high and high school levels before becoming a career firefighter with the Mesquite Fire Department. Here he served for over 31 years as a Driver-Engineer and also as Spanish translator for both the fire and police departments.  

For the last dozen years, Range has been heavily involved in research for a book covering all aspects of the Alamo and the Texas War for Independence. He serves as a Board Member of the Alamo Society, an international association of Alamo scholars, researchers, and dedicated enthusiasts. Also a member of the Alamo Battlefield Association, the San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy, and an associate member of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association, he has spent nearly twenty years in Alamo research in both English and Spanish. 

A few months ago he founded the Save The Alamo Committee along with its associated website and social media in order to get the word out to the voters of Texas about George P. Bush’s disastrous REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan. On November 1, Range publicly announced his candidacy for the office of Texas General Land Office Commissioner to replace George P. Bush.  


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  • Founded the Save-the-Alamo Committee, along w/website and social media.
  • Seemingly was first to come out against George P. Bushes progressive "Reimagine the Alamo" campaign. 
  • Was put on notice by another challenger (Dewey Edwards) regarding his motives regarding Bushes "Reimagine the Alamo" and countered w/a rebuttal.


  • Seems to be one-issue(Save the Alamo) focused




This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.


Describe the proper role of TGLO in dealing with Texas water issues and list at least two specific initiatives you recommend.

Since the GLO must interact with other State agencies in dealing with water issues, a coalition of agencies might be formed to address population increases vs. water supply as well as water usage vs. drought. One example might be to explore the way NASA recycles liquids in space and see if it will apply to our water conservation. Another example might be to explore ways to capture flood water as it occurs. Had such a plan been in place, could Texas have captured that 40 inches of water that fell on Houston, purified it (most was rainwater), and stored it for future consumption? These may not be practical, but we won't know until brilliant minds apply themselves to the questions.

What should TGLO do to better protect or prepare Texas coastal regions against natural disasters?

Natural disasters will occur. No getting around it. The prudent and practical way to avoid financial loss is to build new developments in non-flood-prone areas. However, economic forces dictate that won't happen. While nature has developed ways to cope with such events, for example, coastal plains are wetlands and harbor a special ecosystem adapted to recovery over time. Most of those areas have disappeared as a result of development, and that won't stop without intervention. Barriers and drainages can be built; buildings designed to allow lower floor drainage, but studying how the wetlands cope is the answer. Restore more of the natural vegetation in those areas. When buildings are damaged beyond repair, remove them, compensate the owner, restore wetlands environments, and recreate that natural barrier. 

Please discuss the challenges the TGLO faces in dealing with the federal Bureau of Land Management and how you propose to meet those challenges.

~Not Answered Yet~

Please describe your philosophy of public land management.

State lands fall in the domain of the GLO. They provide a prime resource for income from oil and gas leasing. With the expansion of lease opportunities, for example, grazing or agriculture, income could be enhanced. It could be beneficial to lease public lands to conservation groups to encourage reforestation, prairie restoration, or innovative, environmentally-friendly agriculture.

What new initiatives should the TGLO undertake to ensure the preservation of Texas' family farms and ranches?

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What differentiates you from your opponents?

I am NOT a politician. I have no desire to climb the political ladder to higher office. However, I believe my background, philosophies, and experiences will go a long way in solving some of the issues plaguing the General Land Office today. I am especially knowledgeable about the Alamo and the history of Texas Independence. I recognize the GLO has numerous other responsibilities and issues. My primary goal for this office is twofold: 1) restore integrity and openness to the GLO as an entity. Recent publicity shows problems currently exist in that area. 2) ensure that the Alamo gets the restoration that best captures the true history of the 1836 battle, serves as a reverent shrine to the Texas War for Independence, and preserves the respect and honor due the brave Defenders who died at the Alamo. The Texas Legislature approved such a plan three years ago, but it has been blown way out of proportion, turning the Alamo into a politically correct theme-park-like destination attraction, that will provide financial income to the City of San Antonio while all Texas taxpayers pick up a large portion of the tab.

Please list any federal grant monies you would refuse because of federal "strings."

~Not Answered Yet~

As a new TGLO commissioner, what did/are the first two changes you made/envision making?

Harvey recovery is critical and long-term. We need a highly-experienced team familiar with the ins and outs of federal and state assistance and who understand the complexities of dealing with federal, state, and local governments to get victims immediate help, interim help, and restoration to a normal life help.

Besides untangling the complex issues associated with restoring the Alamo, our Texas veterans need stronger programs, especially in the area of housing and mental health.

Please discuss the proper working relationship between the TGLO and FEMA and what changes can be made to improve relief efforts

~Not Answered Yet~


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

I see no conflict of interest with any elements of being GLO Commissioner. My three main reasons for running for this office: 1) not only in my mind but in the minds of thousands of Texans, the Alamo restoration is neither practical nor financially conservative. 2) When I have a veteran friend who takes food to homeless veterans living on the street, I am compelled to do something about it. 3) When I hear Harvey victims have to rent temporary housing away from their homes because city ordinances will not allow mobile housing temporarily parked in their driveways while they rebuild, I know disasters call for waivers that are not being enacted. I am driven to do whatever I can to remedy these issues and others under GLO direction.

Please give your view of the relationship between the TGLO and the Texas Department of Agriculture and what improvements can be made in the working relationship between the two.

~Not Answered Yet~

Why have you chosen to run for Texas Land Commissioner rather than Texas Agriculture Commissioner or Texas Comptroller?

I have background or experience in many of the areas under GLO jurisdiction. I have little expertise in agriculture, although I would be eager, as Land Commissioner, to work with the Agriculture Commissioner.

Please comment on the TGLO's disaster relief response to the wildfires of 2011 & 2012, and hurricanes Ike(2008) and Harvey (2017)?

The GLO addressed the 2008 Hurricane Ike by assembling an expert natural disaster team that was ready and capable to cope with the wildfires of 2011 and 2012. In 2015, the GLO underwent a change in leadership. In order to pare employee numbers, many of those experts lost their jobs, leaving the GLO without significant experience when the 2017 Harvey disaster struck. The main key element that must remain from leader to leader is an experienced staff who has the knowledge and experience to handle these recurring disasters.

What more can the Texas General Land Office (TGLO) do in support of Texas veterans?

Many veterans live on the street or in tents around the state. Many issues surround these unfortunate facts, and they are multiple and complex. The primary support, in my opinion, is to provide affordable housing that meets specific needs. The second, but also primary, support is in mental health. We need to get our vets in housing that suits each one individually, and we need to provide medical care to help them come back from physical and emotional issues. Too many of our veterans continue to choose to take their own life as a result of wartime experiences they can't cope with.

Please describe your experience in land management.

~Not Answered Yet~


What if any changes in state taxes will you push this next session and why?

~Not Answered Yet~

2nd Amendment - guns

What firearm and carry restrictions should Texas government require of citizens? Why?

I support firearm ownership and open carry laws. Most gun owners are respectful of others' rights and practice safe handling and storing of firearms. Government regulation doesn't seem to prevent misuse of guns by those who wish to do harm. Better reporting and screening where legal or mental issues indicate limiting firearm ownership could prevent some misuse, but a better solution is to provide mental health support for those who fall into the screening category before disaster strikes.

Other civil liberty

Please list the top issues where you oppose federal government intrusion into Texans' lives and how you intend to oppose such intrusion.

~Not Answered Yet~


What opportunities can you suggest for improved revenue generation for the Permanent School Fund (PSF)?

Certainly, growing the PSF fund through judicious management of land and submerged land income will provide a larger base from which to draw interest on reinvested funds. This interest is then distributed to Texas public schools based on average attendance. The GLO manages that fund with a team of land management experts and investment experts. The investment market is quite fluid, however, and opportunities change daily. It is, then, a two-tined fork: maximize income through well-constructed lease contracts with natural resource extraction companies, and invest those funds in higher-yield but low-risk investments.

What initiatives should the TGLO undertake to better protect the assets in the PSF from economic downturns?

~Not Answered Yet~


What measures will you strongly promote to the legislature to improve protection of private land owners in border regions from illegal immigration and drug traffic?

In my opinion, drug traffic is the prime target here. Second, illegal immigration is sorely straining our state's resources. As a result, I strongly support President Trump's border wall. For every prevention, there's a circumvention, but this will go a long way toward slowing down the flow of drugs and illegals into this state. State and Federal laws should provide for heavy penalties for drug traffickers and it should be a felony to employ an illegal alien.


What should be the key factors in a Guest Worker program and what criteria would you require for each factor?

I have no objection to Guest Worker permits for working aliens, but they should be designed in such a way as to ensure the worker returns to his/her home regularly. That precludes the need for housing and schooling for his/her family while working in Texas.

Please explain why you do or do not support the government providing financial benefits and free services to non-citizens.

I have long held the position that illegal is illegal. Period. For workers with permits, the employer provides financial benefits in the form of a paycheck. If any government benefit is provided, it should be transportation to and from the job to the border—much like a city bus—with worker permits checked both ways. If a legal worker is injured on the job, then the employer should be liable for providing medical care. This takes care of our visiting workers, it ensures the employer hires only those on the visiting worker program, and it relieves the burden on our government services for financial and health care.