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Ashley Burke
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Ashley Burke


MCTP PAC Score of: 85 (Highest Score) Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-01-16 06:44:13


Highest Score (85) in race




This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform?  And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.

Yes, I promise! 


Do you support current RPT chair James Dickey in full and if not, what do you disagree with?

From what I know about him, yes I support James Dickey


Did you support liberal Texas house-speaker Joe Straus?  Why or why not?

NO way!! He continuously blocked conservative bills and constantly brutally punished conservative Representatives

Please describe what you believe are the most significant issues in this race, why and what you'll do to address them?

Since I’ve lived in my neighborhood I’ve never heard from my current precinct chair nor have any of my conservative friends. I will bring a conservative voice and vote to our executive committee meetings. 

Which supreme court cases should Texas just ignore?

Judges are in place to interpret law not create it. If the Supreme Court is creating laws I think Texas should ignore them such as Roe vs Wade

There's discussion about making major revisions to the RPT Platform. Please describe the nature of any major changes you support.

I do not support major changes to the party platform.

As a Republican, if you had to give up one of the following core principles, which one would you select first and why? 
a. pro-life;
b. 10% reduction in state, fed, local spending;
c. 2nd amendment;
d. illegal immigration;
e. foreign bases; 
f.  10th amendment

E- foreign bases since they can foster resentment and resistance to foreign occupation.

For what offices should term limits be implemented?

I support term limits for every elected office

What distinguishes you from your opponent?

What sets us apart is I’m very active. I’ve only been interested in politics for the last 5 years. I never saw myself being here. It took one major issue that affected my family to open my eyes to the problems all around us. It didn’t take long before I realized I wasn’t a one issue voter. I was a full blown conservative and I quickly realized I could make a difference. During the 2016 election cycle I began contacting state rep candidates. I contacted literally every candidate running in Texas. If I felt like we had the same beliefs I went all in with them and their campaigns. For months I traveled all around the state block walking, stuffing envelopes, delivering signs, calling voters, asking for donations, poll greeting and doing literally everything these candidates asked of me. I also formed a small army of about 50 volunteers in the north Houston area to do all of this with me. I was most heavily involved in Valoree Swanson and Briscoe Cain’s campaigns but also volunteered for Brent Graves (challenged Sheffield), Palmer (challenged Sarah Davis), Dan Morenoff (challenged Vilblahblah), and several others. I’m now Campaign Coordinator for Texans for Vaccine Choice. I’m currently volunteering full time with Susanna Dokupil (who WILL beat Sarah Davis). I’ve been block walking with them for a couple months but just organized two wildly successful community block walks for her at the beginning of December. The first of them had over 70 volunteers! I specialize in getting people motivated which is why I I’ll be an awesome precinct chair for our area. There will not be a Republican in my neighborhood that didn’t vote.

Please list 3 federal agencies that are popular in our culture and should be abolished

IRS, EPA, and HHS (which includes the CDC)

Are the United States and Texas constitutions living documents?  Please answer in the context of Progressivism versus Originalism.

No! I believe the constitution is to be interpreted in the exact way it was written.


What form of federal tax law do you support and why (e.g., current, flat tax, fair tax, other)?

Fair tax because it puts the tax burden on consumption while removing penalties for earning and saving. 

2nd Amendment - guns

Do you believe the Second Amendment grants an individual right or a militia right?


10th Amendment

Please explain your interpretation of the Tenth Amendment and the principle of nullification. Do states have a right of nullification? What should the federal government do if a state attempts nullification?

The 10th Amendment is more or less: powers not specifically delineated in the Constitution should be left to the States. As to nullification states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws. What should the federal government do states that choose to practice it? Nothing if they are found to be acting unconstitutionally. 

Other civil liberty

At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, 13 weeks of gestation, birth, 5 days old, 18 years old, etc)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

Life starts at conception and I’m working around the clock to get legislators that don’t respect life (Davis and Villalba) out of office.

Do you support or oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad (even if they use money derived from other sources)?

Absolutely oppose!


Do you support or oppose allowing parents direct the flow of federal education funds (e.g., to their school or home school of choice)? Support? Oppose? Please explain.

I’m a homeschool mom of 6 who passionately wants to keep the government regulation out of my parenting decisions.


What, if anything, should be done to protect our borders from illegal immigration?

We need to be enforcing our current laws. Banning sanctuary cities is a good start. We need to stop giving illegals incentives to come here and give me that wall!


Do you support or oppose the referendum passed by both the MoCo GOP Executive Committee and SREC to allow voters, at the statewide level, to decide in the voting booth whether or not they want a particular toll road?  Why or why not?

Absolutely take it to the ballot! I shouldn’t build a home somewhere then have some county judge with lined pockets decide it’s going to cost me a toll to drive to Kroger.


What does being a conservative mean to you?

It means preserving our country for my children. That’s why I’m here.