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Andy Nedrow
Party Republican
Born Huntington, West Virginia
Education Some College
Occupation Pilot
Religion Christian
Marital Married
Children 0

Andy Nedrow


I am a Honorably Discharged Veteran of the US Air Force. My successful work background is wide and varied. I have worked in Federal, State, and County government, large & small corporations and entrepreneurial positions. I have worked for Montgomery County in the capacities of Computer Technology, Project Management, and Law Enforcement, giving me a broad background of knowledge and functionality. With my broad base of knowledge, education and experience, I can effectively communicate with other people. My base also gives me background to make intelligent decisions.


MCTP Score of: 79 (Highest Score) Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-01-16 06:45:58






This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform?  And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.


Do you support current RPT chair James Dickey in full and if not, what do you disagree with?

I have not know James Dickey, and my research today is showing him to be an advocate for conservative Republican beliefs and values. With that understanding I support Mr. Dickey.

Did you support liberal Texas house-speaker Joe Straus?  Why or why not?

Do not know him well. The part that I do know, is him being a proponent to keep the bathroom policy such that a person could go into the restroom of the gender which that person identified with at the moment. With that limited understanding, I would not support his views.  To state it more bluntly, I see him as a RINO, Republican In Name Only and that is Very Bad.

Please describe what you believe are the most significant issues in this race, why and what you'll do to address them?

There is a growing population in the Democratic Party here in Montgomery County. It is been the history in Montgomery County that who ever won the Republican Primary would have the position in November Election. Now we are more and more challenged with Democratic opposition and it is necessary to have strong Republican backing. As Precinct Chair I will work to educate and inform my constituents about the people, positions and processes that are coming up on the ballot, giving them the ability to make educated and informed decisions with their vote.

Which supreme court cases should Texas just ignore?

This falls in concert with States Rights, the 10th Amendment.  see my answer there

There's discussion about making major revisions to the RPT Platform. Please describe the nature of any major changes you support.

I am not currently aware of the revisions that are being discussed. Therefor I am not able to make an informed and intelligent comment on this subject.

As a Republican, if you had to give up one of the following core principles, which one would you select first and why? 
a. pro-life;
b. 10% reduction in state, fed, local spending;
c. 2nd amendment;
d. illegal immigration;
e. foreign bases; 
f.  10th amendment

I do not know what is the meaning of “foreign bases” and as I have very strong supportive opinions on all the rest of the issues, “foreign bases” is the one I would be willing to forfeit on.

For what offices should term limits be implemented?

I believe that ALL elected officials; local, state and federal, should have term limits.  The term limits need to be equal to or less than the term limits set on the President of the United States

What distinguishes you from your opponent?

I do not know my current Precinct Chair. That says a lot about him, he does not get out and communicate. I have lived in this Precinct for over 11 years, vote in every election and have never heard from him. I will work for the people of my Precinct to get understable information out to them so that they can ask good questions and make informed and educated decissions with their votes.

Please list 3 federal agencies that are popular in our culture and should be abolished

Department of Education

Drug Enforcement Agency

Department of Homeland Security

Are the United States and Texas constitutions living documents?  Please answer in the context of Progressivism versus Originalism.

The US and Texas Constitutions are written only to be changed through the amendment process. To consider that the constitution can evolve just over time without amendments to change it, is wrong.


What form of federal tax law do you support and why (e.g., current, flat tax, fair tax, other)?

I am in support of a flat tax (percentage).  I believe that with the increase in income, taxes paid are increased proportionately.  Because a person makes more money, does not mean they should carry a higher tax percentage.  If we are all equal, then we pay the same percentage.

2nd Amendment - guns

Do you believe the Second Amendment grants an individual right or a militia right?

The 2nd Amendment is for individual right to bear arms and from that a militia can be formed.

10th Amendment

Please explain your interpretation of the Tenth Amendment and the principle of nullification. Do states have a right of nullification? What should the federal government do if a state attempts nullification?

As stated in the 10th Amendment, the powers NOT given to the Federal government nor specifically denied the States, are to be automatically the States powers. Therefore if the US Government were to make a ruling that is contrary to the State, the State would have the right of nullification. The response by the US Government would be defunding of moneys and removal of personnel and equipment which are associated with the ruling in question.

Other civil liberty

At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, 13 weeks of gestation, birth, 5 days old, 18 years old, etc)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

The “right to life” and “personhood” begins at conception.

Do you support or oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad (even if they use money derived from other sources)?



Do you support or oppose allowing parents direct the flow of federal education funds (e.g., to their school or home school of choice)? Support? Oppose? Please explain.

I support the directing of federal funds by parents within a county to determine how those funds will be used. These funds may be used to support just one form of education or multiple forms of education, depending on the wants/vote of the residents.


What, if anything, should be done to protect our borders from illegal immigration?

I believe a wall is the first step to an effective barrier to entry from the south.  Supplementing the wall will be boarder patrol.  I believe that boarder patrol starts with aerial patrol by drone of staffed aircraft. The air patrol is backed up with targeted personel, which can be deployed by air, land or water depending on the area.


Do you support or oppose the referendum passed by both the MoCo GOP Executive Committee and SREC to allow voters, at the statewide level, to decide in the voting booth whether or not they want a particular toll road?  Why or why not?

I believe that voters need to have an avenue to voice their oppinions of toll roads and the use there of. This referendum, though non-binding, is a step in the correct direction.


What does being a conservative mean to you?

As a conservative I hold to the spirit of the Founding Fathers. These principles are to have the rule of law which allows people to live their passion without harming those around them. We all must work towards the common goal of Life.


I believe in smaller government entities only where necessary and with the only need of a larger government entity is to work for the common protection of the people of the union through defense and treaties with other world governments. These government entities without regard to local, state, or federal shall be elected by the people and none shall have to ability to reside in a single elected government position indefinitely. The United States of America was formed in opposition to ruling classes, therefor we must not by virtue of appathy allow people to create a life long tenure in elected government positions.


I believe that the government shall never adopt a religion. This means that a local, state or federal government entity shall take no bias. The US Constitution was created from the Judeo/Christian faith systems. In that, it is not the purpose of the United States to give equal credence to all other religions. Though other religions may congregate and practice their value systems in the USA, their values do NOT need to be adopted to the US or Texas Constitution and laws therein.