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Webb Melder
Party Republican
Website N/A
Born 1949
Education Montgomery high school / SHSU
Occupation Real Estate Broker
Religion Christian
Marital Married
Children 2

Webb Melder


1. lived in Montgomery County since 1963

2. graduated Sam Houston State 1971

3. Married Beverley L. Guinn July 4, 1975 ; we have 5 grandchildren

4. Real estate / Construction business for 40 + yrs.

5. Elected official 2004 - 20016 - conroe councilman / Mayor two terms


MCTP Rating of: 93 ENDORSED Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-10-26 17:39:39



  • Has the most comprehensive understanding of the overall situation at LSGCD than any other candidate for (re) election.
  • On the board since 2017, representing Conroe. One of the first to sound alarm about problem w/LSGCD and SJRA relationship.
  • Finds the fact that the current board has incurred over $1 million in legal fees to be incredulous
  • Has tremendous name recognition as a popular former mayor of Conroe.
  • Voted in the 2018 Republican Primary


  • A little weak on the science but overcomes that by overall knowledge of history/players of LSGCD


Video Interview Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-10-16 03:33:06




What makes you qualified for this office?  Name three main reasons you believe you’re the best candidate for this position?

1.   most experienced of all candidates on this issue

2.   most knowledgeable of all candidates

3.  I understand the issue " 360 " ; see the big picture



In your opinion, does Does Montgomery County have a water resource or regulation problem?  Why?

1.  no shortage of natural resources ; strictly a regulatory problem from over reaching government agencys 

Is this position currently fulfilling its obligations?

1.  The Rep. for city of Conroe is John Bleyl, engineer.    John is probably the best director on the lsgcd board.  

What are the 3 largest challenges currently facing this position/office and your road map to address them?

1.  restore credibility

2.      "        transparency 

3.  eliminate the incestous relationship b/w sjra & lsgcd; thereby removing the planned future " forced " reductions which force water bilsl even higher

Who has ownership of the land below and the air above and how far of each?  Is groundwater considered a person’s private property under the Texas Constitution?

1.  As per the TX. Supreme Court,...the landowner owns the groundwater beneath his land whether he captures it or not ; unless, a previous reservation was filed of record ( asper oil & gas mineral reservations ).

Are you familiar with the enabling legislation and any subsequent legislation regarding the LSGCD creation, powers, authorities, duties, etc.?

1.  yes

What aquifer or aquifers does LSGCD regulate?

1.  Gulf Coast aquifer which consists primarily of the Chicot , Evangeline , & Jasper.    The Catahoula lies beneath the Jasper ; is not currently regulated like the other three by lsgcd.

How much subsurface water is contained under Montgomery County, as determined by Texas Development Water Board in their TERS(Total Estimated Recoverable Storage)  Report 2014?

1. 180,000,000 acre ft.

What impact does the LSGCD have on our water bills?

1.  SJRA did not have the statue authority to " force " the groundwater reduction.   LSGCD is responsibility for " forcing " / mandarting the 30% reduction; thereby " forcing " the alternative water supply concept on us.   The primary alternative water source being SJRA / lake Conroe.  

Who is endorsing you and what is their relationship to you?

1.   RAW -  Restore Affordable Water  ;  relationship is we know each other , they know I am the best educated / informed candidate.   I have no business relationship with RAW

Should an aquifer be regulated based on its physical boundaries, or based on the boundaries of political subdivisions of the state?

1.  Aquifers should be managed based on the entirety of the aquifer boundaries; not man made drawn lines.  Sorta like trying to divide a milk cows udder, doesn't work.

What special interest groups have you belonged to or attended meetings of? Include business, social, civic, educational, environmental or any other cause for which you have advocated or supported with time or money.

1. Many different organizations / charities over the last 55 yrs.   

a) I currently serve as a director on The 100 Club for the last 18 yrs.

b) Lifetime member of the MCFA & FOC

What impact does the LSGCD have on our water bills?

1.  responsible for SJRA's $Billion surface water program which is responsible for our skyrocketing water bills

List all individuals/groups you have represented or lobbied for before any governmental entity during the past five years.

1.   2004 - 2008  Conroe city Councilman

2.   2008 - 2016  Conroe Mayor

3.   Charter Director for TX-Desal

4.   Currently President of TAGOP - TX Assoc. of Groundwater Owners & Producers

Do you support fair and equitable rules for all owners of the common reservoir?  Do you believe that a “common reservoir” is the same as an “aquifer” or “aquifer subdivision”?  Explain.

1.  As per the TX Supreme Court,..." all landowners are entitled to produce their a " Fair Share " 

2.  Depending on the terms are used


What are the top 3 areas where the budget for this office needs to be adjusted?

1.  Legal fees

2.  Consultant fees

3.  Management & operating expenses

Do you support using zero-based budget practices for every governmental entity, elected and appointed?


Will you vote to limit budget increases to a factor based on population growth and inflation? Explain.

1.  If these are the only two criteria being used to make the evaluation, probably not.   There are too many things that should be taken into consideration besides just these two


Will you vote to award any contract with less than three qualified bidders?

1.  What is magic about "3" ?   The key to effective bidding is knowing who to have on a bid list for the job, task, project that you are bidding.  Yes, all biddders should be pre- qualified.  The law & bidding procedures should be followed regardless; which under defined certain and rare conditions, the law allows you to accept a " single source " bid.   You don't see this much, but it is legal.


Have you ever been convicted as result of arrest? Ever had any tax liens? If so, give start & resolution dates?

1.  NO

Should two local government entities force residents to pay billions of dollars for infrastructure development without a vote?

1.  Absolutely NOT !

Do you support the new board engaging an independent third party to conduct an audit of LSGCD operations and make the findings public?

1.   YES,.....a new board should not inherit a previous board's financial position without verifying.

Do you oppose the use of public funds, other than for needed infrastructure, to subsidize the cost of private facilities such as stadiums, arenas, hotels and other such entities?

1.   There are individual cases where I can and did answer this yes,.....there are cases where I answered this No while in office as Mayor


What political party have you affilated with over the last twenty years? Do you believe in that party platform(all of it or % part - if %, please describe what you disagree with?

1.  Republican party ; however being a Republican doesn't make anyone right all the time.  We have liberals and conservatives in all political parties.  

2.  It's past time we all became " Americans " again; division is killing our country.

What actions should the LSGCD take to implement change that would result in lower water rates for consumers?

1.   overall, the lsgcd fees are negligible, still a factor in total cost, but definetly on the low end.   The most important thing to do is stay separated from SJRA

In 2009, the LSGCD mandated a 30% reduction on water withdrawal from underground aquifers.  On what scientific data was that decision based on?

1.   64, 000 acre ft. cap,.....great question, which LSGCd has never really fully answered,.....seems no one wants to take ownership of it.   LSGCD has many reports they bought & paid for,....reversed engineered,...but LSGCD failed to take an honest and unbiased look at many other historical & current reports that said opposite of what they chose to accept.

When and how was the LSGD created?  What are the duties? Where is their authority derived?

1. 2001 by the state legislature ; duties are to manage, preserve , conserve and protect the natural  groundwater resources ; authority comes from the state legislature and Chapter 36 - TX water code.