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Steve Toth
Party Republican
Education Non degree
Occupation Business owner
Religion Non denominational Christian, ordained minister
Marital Married

Steve Toth


State Representative Steve Toth is a small business owner representing South Montgomery County in the Texas House of Representatives. With a background in business consulting and construction, Toth has been quoted in the Houston Chronicle Business section and his construction firm has been featured several times in his industry’s trade publications. He and his wife currently run My Pool Xpert, a pool service company.

Steve and his wife of 37 years, Babette, have three children, and are grandparents to twins. The Toths have lived in Montgomery County for over 20 years. As an ordained minister, Steve served as a family life pastor at Fellowship of The Woodlands (now known as The Woodlands Church) and teaching elder at WoodsEdge Community Church. He currently serves as chairman of the board of Mighty Oaks Foundation, ministering to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).     

Representative Toth was first elected to serve House District 15 in 2012, and was re-elected in 2018 and 2020. In the Texas House, Representative Toth passed the CSCOPE Transparency Act which led to the eventual elimination of this Common Core in Texas schools. Rep. Toth gained a reputation as a stalwart conservative by authoring the Texas Firearms Protection Act to stop federal overreach in Texas. Toth has successfully passed laws addressing county government ethics reform, parental visitation rights at schools, and the elimination of Critical Race Theory in the classroom, to name a few.

Additionally, Toth earned the distinction of “Taxpayer Champion,” earning an “A” score from Texans For Fiscal Responsibility. He was named a “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition and a “Faith & Family Champion” by Texas Values. Rep. Toth was awarded “Top Rated Conservative in the Texas House” by the Texas Eagle Forum, earned a 100% rating from Texas’ chapter of Concerned Women for America, and was scored the second highest in the Texas House by the Young Conservatives of Texas. Out of Texas' 150 state representatives, Toth has the third most conservative voting record (based on a 2021 Rice University Study). 

Steve Toth has been a contributor on KTRH, American Family Radio, OAN, The First TV, Real America's Voice News, Newsmax, ABC, CNN, and Fox News.

Representative Toth serves on the powerful Appropriations committee, which is tasked with crafting the state budget. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions Calendars and as a member of the Committee on Agriculture & Livestock. 

MCTP Score of: 96 ENDORSED Source

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  • Well known Christian conservative; proven conservative legislator. Active in conservative circles & issues.
  • Ranked (Steve Toth) as the most conservative in the state.
  • Pro-life, pro-fmaily, pro small business
  • Passed gun legislation in state house, protecting 2nd amendment rights
  • Generally in agreement with MCTP on most issues 
  • Wants to eliminate compulsory education
  • One of biggest critics of SJRA and flood 
  • Supports doing away w/appraisal districts and freezing values at the purchase price. "What it does is it forces elected officials to put out a true property tax rate based on properties in the county," Toth said. "No more hiding behind appraisal districts."
  • Attends local events, is generally accessible and is willing to discuss issues with The People
  • Did stand with AG Paxton against the Impeachment
  • Has regrets voting for Dade Phelan 
  • Endorsed by:  Rice Score Card: ...  More

Nov 2023 Video Interview Source

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(Note:  The camera  we were using shut down at  appx. the 50.30 mark; we finished the interivew with a cell phone).




This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.

I have no disagreement with the GOP platform 

Do you support Interposition and Nullification as it pertains to Texas State Sovereignty?

I am in complete agreement with both. The Left practices nullification and interpolation over drugs, immigration policy and sanctuary cities yet the right thinks we still need to ask the courts permission to follow the Constitution. 

What do you primarily rely on to help you make difficult decisions as it relates to public policy?

The Constitution. 

What is the most important problem you see that needs to be addressed by the position your running for and what do you propose to solve it?

The underlying problem that will hamper any and all other solutions as it relatest to issues of life, liberty, taxes, education, transportation and criminal justice reforms is the Speaker of the Texas Housenergy and how they are chosen. The one and only solution is for the Republican caucus to select the next Speaker. If the Speaker is chosen by the Democrats it will mean another session where the House blocks our Governor, Lt Governor and the will of Texas voters. 


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

1) The Republican party has lost its way.

Those who know the way have lost their spine and refuse to stand up.  I did that in the 83rd Session and I'll do it again. 

2) The current tax burden Texas has placed on families will kill the Texas Miracle if we don't stop it  

3) Abortion is a scourge and blight on our land and if incremental steps are the only way to stop it then I will do all that I can to stop it  

4) 55% of Milenials believe that Socialism is a superior system to capitalism and a Republican form of governance.  Rebuilding our education system is imperative.

What differentiates you from your opponents?

I am a proven conservative who has stood against the enemy of the Republican party platform. My opponent stood for Joe Straus when 9 out of 10 Precinct chairs took a stand against him.  

Do you support or oppose English being the state language? Why?

Yes.  ESL classes hinders the rest of the kids in our education system 

Do you favor term limits? Please explain why or why not.

Yes I do supoort them but I wonto supoort thr Democrats supoort for term limits if it only applies to State wide offices held 100% by Republicans.  I'll only supoort it if my office is included. We need it because corruption runs deep in Austin and DC and the longer people are there the greater the risk of being there for the wrong reason. 

Please list at least two improvements that can be legislated to prevent the abuses of Special Purpose Districts by developers.

End gerimandered districts 

Require all BOD meetings be held within thE geographic area of thexpertise MUD



Please describe your plan for balancing the Texas budget. What budget items need to be cut and what taxes and fees need to be increased?

Items cut

Agencies including

TEA and the ESC's

Funding Cuts

Corporate entitlement programs

Tuition Revenue Bonds

Funding for the arts



Will you commit to reduce the size of government at all levels by a specific date, so that total spending would not exceed 8% of total personal income (which includes corporations and other business entities as well as individuals) at the federal level, 5% at the state level, and 5% at the local level?



What is your view regarding reducing or eliminating property taxes in favor of increased sales taxes and increased user fees?

I visited Stafford, Texas and their Mayor in 2013.  If a Democrat can run a city with no property taxes and no debt on .02 cents then we can as well. 

2nd Amendment - guns

What firearm and carry restrictions should Texas government require of citizens? Why?

None. Criminals and the driminally insane done follow laws, thus the only people who would follow them would be law abiding citizens 

5th Amendment- due process

The residency law, as it pertains to Voting in Texas, is ambiguous at best. Some have been selectively prosecuted, while others receiving compensation (cheap rent), have been allowed to skate. Will YOU carry legislation that clarifies this ambiguity and if so, generically speaking, what will it say?

I would elliminate the Snow BiRd provision forcing voters to chose a permanent place of residency. 

Other civil liberty

Many Texans have made the decision to live in unincorporated areas and forgo the “benefits” of living within a city in order to secure more personal liberty and freedom. Yet, when incorporated areas overspend and live beyond their means, those incorporated areas, with the blessings of state government, are allowed to assert a claim to the private property of those who have chosen to remain apart from those incorporated areas. How will you correct this?

This ended in the 85th Session.

Do you support or oppose limiting the power of eminent domain to public works purposes? Support Oppose

ED for personal private purpose is unconstitutional and I will continue to fight it  

Please list the top issues where you oppose federal government intrusion into Texans' lives and how you intend to oppose such intrusion.

Abortion and natural life to natural death- nullification 

2nd Amendment- same

Securing our borders- same


If you were able to fix how public education was funded, how would you do it and why?

100% parental choice

Education dollars follow kids and teachers and not the other way around. 

Locally elected ISD's to adopt their own standards with SAT's being the only high stakes testing upon graduation from high school

Elliminate compulsory education. 

Teach the trades again

Teach civics again

Outlaw common core

Will you vote to prohibit the use of state funds to teach immigrants in their native languages, instead of English (so-called bilingual education)?

ESL hurts immigrants and English speaking kids. 

Immersion education is the most effective way

Please describe your views on gambling as a funding source for education and other budget items, and whether gambling should be expanded or reduced along with the reasons supporting your viewpoint.

The State Lottery targets the poor. "A dollar and a dream" is a scam to separate undereducted people who are down on their luck. Like all dedicated funds in Texas, it's just another tax that puts money in the general fund for wastefull spending 


Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?



Please fully describe what methods of funding roads in Texas you will support and oppose, and give your reasoning. Please discuss all revenue sources, tax diversions, tolls, and debt.

We raise plenty of money through gas taxes and oil and gas severance tax. We need to actually take those dedicated funds and begin using them for transportation only. 

In less than 10 years, the GOP-controlled legislature has departed from pay-as-you-go road building and instead plunged Texas into $31 billion (principal & interest) in road debt rather than end road tax diversions (gas tax and vehicle sales tax) and use our existing taxes to properly fund roads. Under Perry's leadership, they’ve also bought into public private partnerships that undermine our state sovereignty over our public infrastructure by handing control of our public roads to private, foreign toll operators in 50 year sweetheart deals. How will you end the transfer of Texas sovereignty & protect existing tax funded roads?

I will vote to end the diversions and P3 funding.