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Tom Chumbley, MPA, PhD
Party The founders didn't like factions and we should elect based on virtue - they're not wrong!
Born Yes
Education BA-Political Science, Master-Public Administration, PhD-Organizational Leadership
Occupation Entrepreneur and Community Activist
Religion Yes
Marital Married
Children 4

Tom Chumbley, MPA, PhD


Dr. Thomas M. Chumbley aka "Tom" has lived in The Woodlands since 2009, and spent his volunteer time: over 4 years on Village Boards, 2 years on The Woodlands Law Enforcement Advisory Council, feeding the homeless.  

Tom formerly served as a soldier in the US Army, S.C. Emergency Management, the S.C. Governor's Office, and The University of Texas, participated in the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature, and interned with the Chester County TN Government Executive (elected), City of North Augusta, S.C. Economic and Community Development, and TX State Legislator's District Office. 

Tom holds a BA in Political Science, a Master of Public Administration, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership. His mother is a 6th generation Texan who was raised in "come and take it" Gonzales - even still Tom has diverse exposure to the broader world and much knowledge, skills and abilities.  

Tom is currently an entrepreneur and married with 4 children. Tom has extensive specialized knowledge in human and organizational relations, law, business, and government that includes but is not limited to:

Leadership, Decision Making, Human Development, Coaching, Government Administration, Applications in Public Policy and Services, Constitutional Law, Intergovernmental Relations, Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage, Financial Resources Management, Macro-economics and Budgeting, Administrative and Business Law, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Human Resources & Conflict Management; Values, Ethics, and Morality; Sociology, Personality, and Psychopathology; Political Theory; Political Ideology; Political Institutions; History of the political development of the United States of America and England; Social Power.

Every person is encouraged to visit his website  for comprehensive information on Tom, his vision and views.


Tom Chumbley, MPA, PhD did not respond to our questionnaire.