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Joshua Daniel Bennink
Party Republican
Born 09/26/1983
Education Associates working on bachlors
Occupation Self
Religion Christian
Marital Married
Children 3

Joshua Daniel Bennink


Joshua Bennink grew up in the suburbs of Houston and spent his teenage years visiting his grandparents who lived in Harbor Town on lake conroe. After graduating high school he joined the Air Force where he served as a Radio Maintenance Technician at Altus AFB in Oklahoma. While serving he married the mother of his two oldest children Caden and September. He seperated from the military at the end of 2008 when the economy crashed and his prospected job fell through. He struggled to provide as the jobs he took on could barely take care of his family. His wife left him leaving him with all the bills that were in his name and a quarter of his paycheck going to child support. He later met his current wife Angela Mayes and had their beautiful daughter Emma. After many failed attempts to find a decent job he decided to return to school and get his engineering degree. While working on his associates degree he was talked into switching his major to political science. After some hesitation he agreed to switch keeping his wife's condition and the state of the country in mind. He has one semester left to obtain his Bachelor's degree and hopes to get elected to represent Montgomery county and the great state of Texas. He specializes in policy analysis and can look at each policy from many different angles which gives him a step up against the opposition. He is a patriot and up holds his oath to defend the Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies at all cost. To better himself and to reach out to more people he recently obtained his Technicians Amateur Radio license and has Joined the Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Services, an organization that assists county and law enforcement with communications when the telecommunications goes down and during disaters.


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Please describe what you believe are the most significant issues in this race, why and what you'll do to address them?

The most important issues are:

The need to be at the meetings

         It is imperative that the chair members attend the minimum requirements of 4 per biennial. I have attended all that I possibly can and if i was not physically there I was watching through the mcp broadcast. Once elected I will make every effort to be at every meeting.

The voice for the party to the general population

        Precinct chair is the voice for the party to the general population, it is my duty to inform the voters of what is going on with the full facts. I will not be silent I will reach out to those in my precinct as news comes available and has been thoroughly vetted for accuracy. 

Following the bylaws as voted on in 2018 and any new bylaws put in place at the time of my swearing in.

        The bylaws put in place and confirmed by the state are valid and will be followed. Any changes made and approved will be followed as well.

Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have. 

Yes I will without a doubt uphold the values of the Republican party.

What differentiates you from your opponents?

My opponent is never at the meetings and is not out there working for the party. Until I looked up who my chair was I had never heard of him. He has switched back and forth between other family members. Its time we have a member who will get things done and Inform our voters.

What best describes your political ideology most(circle only one).   
1.        Republican                     
2.        Grassroots                     
3.        Conservative
4.        Tea Party

4. Tea Party

Please list 3 federal agencies that are popular in our culture and should be abolished

IRS my money not the governments I worked for it.

Department of education it is the states responsibility not the federal governments job to educate our children.

ATF I have the right to defend myself and that means j have the right to match the government to prevent a tyrannical government.

Should Texas GOP limit their elected officials to 8 years or less from the same office, even though it will force some good candidates to leave an office?

Yes I am in favor for term limits

When you leave office what accomplishment/s do you want to be your hallmark, your legacy, and why?

To ensure that Montgomery county remains red, that every voter in my precinct would be able to say they knew their precinct chair and that I worked for them. 


What form of federal tax law do you support (e.g., current, flat tax, fair tax, other) and why?

Sales tax only as it was before the income tax was introduced.

A couple of years ago, a resolution was put forth by MoCo GOP to institute a 20% Homestead Exemption.  Did you support or oppose this and why?

I support the exemption as I am not a fan at all of property taxes. I think we need to move away from the property taxes all together.

2nd Amendment - guns

Do you believe the Second Amendment grants an individual right or a militia right?

The second amendment grants every individual the right to bear arms

10th Amendment

Please explain your interpretation of the Tenth Amendment and the principle of nullification. Do states have a right of nullification? What should the federal government do if a state attempts nullification?

The 10th amendment clearly states that if the powers are not delegated to the United States (Federal Government) by the Constitution then it is the states responsibility to manage the problem. If the US oversteps it bound clearly defined by our greatest document ever created then the state has the right to reverse the decision. The US must comply if a state nullifies a bill or ruling.

Other civil liberty

Do you support or oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad (even if they use money derived from other sources)?

Our government should not be finding any agency that is willing to kill innocent babies. I do not support planned Parenthood in any way.

At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, birth, 5 days old, etc)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

Life begins at conception and no one has the right to extinguish another person's life not even their mother. I would ensure that the law states life starts at conception and unless a medical emergency exists then the child will be born and given a proper home.


Do you support or oppose allowing parents direct the flow of federal education funds (e.g., to their school or home school of choice)? Support? Oppose? Please explain.

I don't think we should have federal funds in our schools at all but if it must be there then I support parents rights to direct the flow of money.


Do you agree with precinct chairs involvement in republican primaries? Why or why not?

Precinct chair should be the front runner for the party and should be out gathering as many voters as possible. 

What's your impression of GOP Speaker Dennis Bonnen after he was caught offering a Quid Pro Quo to Empower Texans Michael Quinn Sullivan?  Should Speaker Bonnen resign?  Should he suffer legal ramifications for his action/s?

Bonnen is a rat and a wolf in sheep's clothing. He lied and flipped his role as a republican. He is the definition of a rhino. He should resign and should be charged with violating the ethics code of conduct.

Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?



What, if anything, should be done to protect our borders from illegal immigration?

The borders need to be secured with a wall, technology, and manpower.

Amnesty comes in many forms.  What's your view as it pertains to Texas?

A person should have the right to try to obtain citizenship and or work status through legal process only. Any persons wanting to obtain citizenship after entering illegally should be fined before any consideration has been approved given that they do not have an arrest record other than minor offenses.


Do you support or oppose the referendum passed by both the MoCo GOP Executive Committee and SREC to allow voters, at the statewide level, to decide in the voting booth whether or not they want a particular toll road?  Why or why not?

I support the right for the voters to have full control over their roads and whether or not they wish to pay to drive on them. I am not a fan of toll roads and do not believe that they benefit the county in any way.

Did you take a public position on the May 9, 2015 Road Bond, and if so, what was it? And in a few sentences, explain why.

I did not take a public position as I was not politically active at that time. Had I had a position I would have been against the bond to it's fullest extent.


What does being a conservative mean to you?

A conservative to me is a person that stands to protect our constitution and prevent damage to the people. Lowering the budget and getting the government out of citizens business. A conservative is the protector of our rights given to us by God and only God.

Do you support the Montgomery County Republican Party By-Laws as adopted by the CEC on 6/26/18?  And if not, why not?

I do and would follow them and any new bylaws inacted at the beginning of the new biennial.