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Lt. Colonel Allen West
Party Republican
Born February 7, 1961
Education BA and two Masters degrees
Occupation Political commentator
Religion My Faith is Judeo-Christian

Lt. Colonel Allen West


Lt. Col. West believes it will be principled constitutional conservative policies, not politics, which secures a sound economic future for Americans – with growth, opportunity and returning the promise of the American dream for this generation and those to come.      

He is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family.  During his 22- year career in the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones and received many honors including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals, one with Valor device, and a Valorous Unit Award. In 1993 he was named the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year.

In November of 2010, Allen was elected to the United States Congress, representing Florida's 22nd District. As a member of the 112th Congress, he sat on the Small Business and Armed Services Committees and was instrumental in passage of the 2011 and 2012 National Defense Authorization Acts.

He is a Fox News Contributor, Senior Fellow of the Media Research Center, former Director of the Booker T. Washington Initiative (BTWI) for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and author of Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Family, Faith and Freedom, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death, and the forthcoming We Can Overcome: An American Black Conservative Manifesto

He is the former Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas Texas.

West is an avid distance runner, a Master SCUBA diver, a motorcyclist, and in his spare time he enjoys cheering his beloved Tennessee Volunteers.  

Lt. Col. West is a commissioned officer in the Texas State Guard. Lt. Col. West is a legacy life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, life member of the American Legion, life member of the Association of the United States Army, the Society of the First Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, and 101st Airborne Division. He is Patriot Life Member (Benefactor) and Board of Directors member of the National Rifle Association and Life Member (Benefactor) of the Texas State Rifle Association. Lieutenant Colonel West is an inductee into the University of Tennessee Army ROTC Hall of Fame. He is on the Board of Advisors of Amegy Bank, Dallas Region. In 2016, Lt. Col. West was appointed by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. 

He is married to Dr. Angela Graham-West, a financial adviser, and they have two daughters, Aubrey, a Board-certified Physician Assistant, and Austen, a flight attendant.

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Please describe what you believe are the most significant issues in this race, why and what you'll do to address them?

Reversing the Republican losses of 2018.

Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have. 

Yes, I will, but I believe that we need to refine, refocus, and prioritize the RPT platform, 332 items is far too excessive.

What differentiates you from your opponents?

The ability to communicate our conservative principles and values and inspire others to as well.

What best describes your political ideology most(circle only one).   
1.        Republican                     
2.        Grassroots                     
3.        Conservative
4.        Tea Party

Conservative, that is a political ideology while the other options listed are political parties, groups or movements. Conservatism is true classical liberalism that advances the ideal that individual liberty is preeminent over the institution of government. We are in an ideological civil war between conservatism vs post modern liberalism, marxism, statism, socialism, progressivism, and communism.

Please list 3 federal agencies that are popular in our culture and should be abolished

These are not popular agencies, and they need to be examined as viable under our Constitution -- Dept of Energy, Education, and well, HUD and HHS.

Should Texas GOP limit their elected officials to 8 years or less from the same office, even though it will force some good candidates to leave an office?

Our founding fathers never intentioned us to ahve a profession career class of politicians, so yes, I support term limits.

When you leave office what accomplishment/s do you want to be your hallmark, your legacy, and why?

A strong conservative Texas and a solid farm team of young conservative elected officials.


What form of federal tax law do you support (e.g., current, flat tax, fair tax, other) and why?

Flat tax, a consumption based tax system can be a goal, but the fear is it becoming a VAT if we do not eliminate the current tax system, which is progressive...Marxist.

2nd Amendment - guns

Do you believe the Second Amendment grants an individual right or a militia right?


10th Amendment

Please explain your interpretation of the Tenth Amendment and the principle of nullification. Do states have a right of nullification? What should the federal government do if a state attempts nullification?

I believe in the system of Federalism and that all powers not enumerated to the Federal government are bestowed upon the States and the individual. I think we see the issue of nullification happening right now in Virginia. My focus as TXGOP Chairman is on the State, not so much the Federal level. We have lost that focus and hence why we are losing local races, city council, school board, county commission, and Judges. We all should just follow our Constitution.

Other civil liberty

Do you support or oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad (even if they use money derived from other sources)?


At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, birth, 5 days old, etc)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

I am not a human biologist. My belief is that when there is a heartbeat, there is a living human...I believe that is proven to be around 18 days.


Do you support or oppose allowing parents direct the flow of federal education funds (e.g., to their school or home school of choice)? Support? Oppose? Please explain.

My parents made the choice as to where I would receive my education. I support educational freedom. And I support education opportunity zones that focus on our failing inner city school districts. And I will prioritize school board elections.


Do you agree with precinct chairs involvement in republican primaries? Why or why not?

Define "involvement"? No one in a leadership position should seek to influence a primary election.

What's your impression of GOP Speaker Dennis Bonnen after he was caught offering a Quid Pro Quo to Empower Texans Michael Quinn Sullivan?  Should Speaker Bonnen resign?  Should he suffer legal ramifications for his action/s?

I was one of the first to demand his stepping down, and have continued to do so.

Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?



What, if anything, should be done to protect our borders from illegal immigration?

We must equip our US Border Patrol to confront what is becoming an invasion, a potential war with drug cartels. Physical barriers and technology is vital but the most important resource are the folks on the ground, a deterrent. That also includes policies that clearly articulate that there will be no sanctuaries or taxpayer funded benefits to those here in American illegally.

Amnesty comes in many forms.  What's your view as it pertains to Texas?

I am not a supporter of amnesty. We are a sovereign Nation of laws, and those laws must be respected, and regarded....not have their violation rewarded.


Do you support or oppose the referendum passed by both the MoCo GOP Executive Committee and SREC to allow voters, at the statewide level, to decide in the voting booth whether or not they want a particular toll road?  Why or why not?

I support the will of the people, registered Texas Republicans. My job as Chairman is to support the policy platforms of the RPT. As Texas grows, we must ensure we have transportation infrastructure that can accommodate the growth. I want to support a means by which we effectively, efficiently, and fiscally improve Texas infrastructure.


What does being a conservative mean to you?

It means the principles upon which I was raised by my Parents, registered Democrats, Faith, Family, Individual responsibility, quality Education and opportunity, small business entrepreneurship, and service to the Nation. It is a core set of principles, values. Our Founding documents codified these as a philosophy of governance -- limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty/liberty, free market economy, and strong national security.