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Jerry D. Smith
Party Democrat
Born 1976
Education Doctor of Psychology
Occupation Psychologist
Religion Non-denominational
Marital Married
Children 2

Jerry D. Smith


My name is Jerry D. Smith Jr. I am a resident of The Woodlands, TX, a husband, a father, a licensed psychologist, and a former federal law enforcement officer. I own a small psychology firm with offices in Magnolia and Huntsville.


I have announced my candidacy for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 1. This campaign is about the empowerment and unification of our community.


I have tried to articulate my platform in a simple, straight-forward manner. However, my belief is that leadership is not just about my ideas, but about all of our ideas. This is why I fully expect this platform to continue to fine-tune itself as community members provide more and more input on the future they want for The Woodlands. I believe a leader should be welcoming to as many ideas as possible and then make principled decisions based on the leader's experience, expertise, and conscience. Leaders should be able to make tough decisions based on the interests of their constituents and be held accountable by the people they represent.


Why am I running?

Our whole country is going through a time of reflection, catharsis, and change. I believe The Woodlands can be an example to the rest of the state, and indeed the country, of how people from different backgrounds and experiences can work together to uplift a whole community. We have the resources, the people, and the opportunity to make The Woodlands into the utopia we all know it can be. We are at a pivotal moment with issues such as incorporation, coronavirus, and a national discussion on racism and I want to help steer our course locally. My idea of leadership is based not on just pushing my own personal ideas but listening to the people and using my experience, expertise, and principles to enact the will of the people. This is what we need at this time.


Platform (What I want to accomplish):

Economic & Environmental Stewardship -

We will work with the Economic Development Partnership to build an economy that does not just return us to pre-COVID status but can withstand future long-term social disruptions. We will bring in new and novel ideas to deal with the flooding issue, improve our roadways, and encourage green energy locally. One such innovative idea can be found at


Community Unity -

Standing behind our motto of “Empowered Together,” we will continue to uphold and strengthen our tradition of cultural inclusion and respect. We will empower our community members to create new opportunities to come together and bond over our common goals and dreams. We will also revitalize the unique cultural aspects of each our villages.


Civic Responsibility -

We want to decide the Incorporation issue and remove the sense of stagnation and paralysis over our community that comes with not knowing where we are headed. We plan to build a robust mental health system that integrates intelligently with law enforcement, medical facilities, and local community resources to address the outrageous suicide rate in our local area. This is an area we need to do better. Innovative ideas such as a "Virtual Crisis Care" program being tested elsewhere in our country will help us address this issue. Finally, we will bring true transparency in local decision making.


Principles (How I make decisions):

Leaders must listen to their constituents as alone we do not have all the answers. It is our responsibility to welcome all ideas and provide due consideration. Leaders must also be able to make the tough call and these decisions should be made from a place of strong principle. Every decision I make will be guided by the following principles:

1) How I treat individuals: “The Golden Rule” – Treat others like you want to be treated.

2) How I treat my community: I am my brother’s keeper.

3) How I perceive the world: Human beings are innately driven to be better and are limited only by the options they are able to see in front of them.

4) Government should provide the most benefit for the least cost. Period.



Do you think The Woodlands should become a city or remain unincorporated? Why or why not (what are some of the pro's and cons)?  And if so, when should incorporation occur and why in that time frame? 

I am in favor of TWT incorporating as a city. The residents and businesses of The Woodlands have a right to self-determination and responsibility for self-government. The issue of incorporation should be put to a vote at the earliest possibility.

What are the three main attributes that make you the most qualified for this position?

What I offer my Township that is unique is my vision for who we can be. My vision comes not from any political party or any particular social standing I may have in the community. Because of my unique background as a psychologist, as someone who has not just visited, but lived in other countries, as a person of color, as a former federal law enforcement officer, as a mediator…I do not come with preconceived beliefs about what “should be”. I come with a clear vision of what “can be”. This means my decisions will not be pushed forward by past conservative or liberal ideals, but rather pulled forward by the gravitational force of a future created by the will of the people.

What qualifies me for this position is:

  1. I care about people; 2) I am willing to represent all community members equally; 3) I have honesty and integrity.

Are you in favor of allowing the residents to vote on the incorporation question once the incorporation planning process is complete? Why or why not?

Yes. The residents have a right to make their choice as soon as possible to move out from under the stagnation of not knowing what the future holds.

Should board members actively engage with other government entities to fight to reduce burdens placed on them by other taxing entities?

Absolutely. The Board of Directors has a duty to make every effort possible to improve the lives of residents. This includes their physical, social, and financial lives. This would require engaging with other government entities who impact The Woodlands residents.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Economic Development Partnerships?

Advantages of Economic Development Partnerships include bring together people/businesses with different expertise and knowledge, pooling monies together to increased financial standing, sharing of financial burdens, opening the doors to more business/investment opportunties, gaining new perspectives, increasing community engagement and support, potential tax benefits, potential for increased local public services, increased local jobs.

Disadvantages include parterships growing so large they lose they forget about the people.

Are you familiar with the FTA grant requirements that enable Federal Funding for the Park and RIde and Trolley services? Would you try to modify those agreements? Why or why not?

~Not Answered Yet~


As a representative of a Top Rated Master Planned Community, what are the challenges you see with balancing the expected ammenities and the increasing costs with property taxes associated with them?

~Not Answered Yet~

What are your thoughts regarding the 2020 Preliminary budget ?  Do your support it in full and if not what do you object to?"

~Not Answered Yet~

Should the economic development reserve fund serve as a general fund, to go to multiple projects such as ice-rinks, museums, buildings, street repairs etc. or should it be a project specific only account?

~Not Answered Yet~

Should the township be funding non-profit organization events such as Interfaith luncheons, senior pick-up services, Education for tomorrow luncheons, etc...with tax dollars.

TWT should be funding such events assuming authroization/approval from the tax payers.

What are your thoughts regarding the 2020 Preliminary budget?  Do you fully support it in full and, if not, what do you object to?

~Not Answered Yet~


What is your position on the Homestead, Over 65 and Disabled Exemptions available to the residents of the Township?

I am in favor of these exemptions.

With The Woodlands reaching full residential build-out, what do you think the Township should do to generate additional non-property tax revenues to maintain services without a property tax increase?

TWT should work to host more big events that bring in additional revenue for the Township va such avenues such as hotel taxes.

It's been reported that The Woodlands comprises only 20% of households in the county, yet provides almost double that (38.5%) of the county total in property taxes. What would/could you do to correct this gross imbalance of tax inequity?

~Not Answered Yet~


Have you ever been convicted as result of arrest? Ever had any tax liens? If so, give start & resolution dates?

No. As a former federal law enforcement officer, I have been subjected to numerous criminal and financial background checks.

Have you and/or any of your family members ever ben employed by or worked under contract to either The Woodlands Township, Woodlands Development Company or Montgomery County?


What are your thoughts about the community using the board to promote certain social justice agendas? Should the board maintain neutrality since they represent broad views of all residents?

The Board shoud carry itself and act in a manner that creates a welcoming environment for all residents. It should promote causes that uplift all members of the community. Neutrality on issues of injustice is not neutrality.


What are the 3 most pressing mobility issues in The Woodlands and what is your preferred solution to each?

~Not Answered Yet~

Commissioner Riley is actively planning the extension of the Mansion's Way parkway. What should the Township do to prevent a flood of cut though traffic on Woodlands Parkway?

~Not Answered Yet~

What is your opinion of the WRUD (Woodlands Road Utility District) and how is it useful and what's the downside?

~Not Answered Yet~


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

1) Our current board lacks diversity on many aspects, to include ethnicity, ideology, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. I am running to increase the diversity of the Board and better reflect the entire comunity.

2) I seek to bring new and innovative ideas that can better meet the needs of the entire community.

3) I am running for this office to be part of improving the lives of all residents.

What do you perceive to be the biggest threat to our community within the next 5 years?

I think increased traffic flow is the biggest threat to our community as it decreases the overall quality of life, raising noise level, pollution levels, increases local ground-level temperatures, increases commute times, etc.

With new legislation (HB347) prohibiting annexation of smaller communities by larger/adjacent cities unless approved by voters, is The Woodlands still obligated to pay-off Houston ($1 million) and Conroe ($500,000) for that purpose?

~Not Answered Yet~

Do you agree/disagree with MCTP Core Values?  Please explain if you disagree

~Not Answered Yet~

What political party do you affiliate with? Do you believe in that party platform (all of it or % part - if %, please describe what you disagree with)?

I am an independent. I believe no party has the answers to every problem and all parties have something important to contribute to improving the lives of Americans.