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Jason J. Nelson
Party Republican
Education B.A., M.A., M.Ed., M.Div
Occupation Methodist Minister
Religion Christian
Marital Married
Children 6

Jason J. Nelson


Jason J. Nelson is an ordained elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He holds B.A., M.A., M.Ed., and M.Div. degrees from Trinity International University, Trinity Graduate School, Houston Baptist University, and Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University.  

Jason has served several churches under episcopal appointment: Christ United Methodist Church (Sugar Land, TX), The Woodlands United Methodist Church (The Woodlands, TX), and is currently the lead pastor at Rose Hill United Methodist Church (Tomball, TX).

Before entering into full-time ministry, Jason spent seven years in public education.  He taught 8th grade U.S. History, served as a Social Studies Department Chair, and coached football, basketball, and track. 

The Nelson family moved to The Woodlands in 2013.  Jason and his wife Tiffany have six children who attend Mitchell Intermediate and McCullough Junior High Schools.  

Jason is also a published author and has been invited to speak throughout the country.  He is an advocate for education, mental health awareness, breast cancer research and community/global assistance ministries.


Received the Vetting Committee Recommendation, approved by membership.



Do you think The Woodlands should become a city or remain unincorporated? Why or why not (what are some of the pro's and cons)?  And if so, when should incorporation occur and why in that time frame? 

Incorporation has been put on hold. As of right now, our primary focus is on addressing the continuing challenges within our community surrounding COVID-19.  We have, however, obtained some important and useful information from the study on incorporation, which I have been studying in-depth.  Should the Township decide to resume this discussion on incorporation in an effort to make The Woodlands as strong and independent as possible, I will approach it as I would any topic, with an open mind.

What are the three main attributes that make you the most qualified for this position?

I am a man of Faith who strives, by the grace of God, to be trustworthy, truthful and compassionate.

Are you in favor of allowing the residents to vote on the incorporation question once the incorporation planning process is complete? Why or why not?

We do not know for certain when the planning process for incorporation will resume.  However, our residents can be assured of this: They will absolutely have the final say on whether or not The Woodlands incorporates.  

Should board members actively engage with other government entities to fight to reduce burdens placed on them by other taxing entities?

Yes.  As board members, we have a responsibility to use our influence to do what is best for the people of The Woodlands.  I will personally call who I need to call on behalf of our residents.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Economic Development Partnerships?

Of course, it’s always nice to have outside investments designed to advance and enhance our community. However, if expectations are not completely addressed in the beginning, there is always the danger of being stuck with the bill, so to speak.

Are you familiar with the FTA grant requirements that enable Federal Funding for the Park and RIde and Trolley services? Would you try to modify those agreements? Why or why not?

Yes.  This could be looked at as a possible place to make adjustments.  It doesn't seem fair to me that as one of the wealthiest communities in the country we would continue to have taxpayers from all over the US pay for our trollies.


As a representative of a Top Rated Master Planned Community, what are the challenges you see with balancing the expected ammenities and the increasing costs with property taxes associated with them?

During the last few months, we have already faced, and overcome, the challenge of providing the services our residents expect and enjoy while taking a hit on a substantial portion of our revenue generated from hotel and sales tax.  Regarding property taxes, we, as a board, just adopted a lower tax rate because we believe we can continue to find creative, fiscally responsible ways to make our tax dollars work.

What are your thoughts regarding the 2020 Preliminary budget ?  Do your support it in full and if not what do you object to?"

I voted to approve it.  It is a conservative, fiscally responsible budget. 

Should the economic development reserve fund serve as a general fund, to go to multiple projects such as ice-rinks, museums, buildings, street repairs etc. or should it be a project specific only account?

Because of the decrease in revenue, particularly from hotel and sales tax, the general reserve fund should be protected to support, if need be, the ongoing services and the staff involved in providing those services with excellence.

Should the township be funding non-profit organization events such as Interfaith luncheons, senior pick-up services, Education for tomorrow luncheons, etc...with tax dollars.

We should encourage and support our non-profits as they continue to serve those in need in our community.

What are your thoughts regarding the 2020 Preliminary budget?  Do you fully support it in full and, if not, what do you object to?

I voted to approve it.  It is a conservative, fiscally responsible budget. 


What is your position on the Homestead, Over 65 and Disabled Exemptions available to the residents of the Township?

I am in favor of anything designed and available to keep property taxes as low as possible. Therefore, we should leave them in place.

With The Woodlands reaching full residential build-out, what do you think the Township should do to generate additional non-property tax revenues to maintain services without a property tax increase?

As I’ve said before, much of our revenue stems from hotel and sales tax.  The Woodlands is a great place to live.  It’s also a fantastic place to visit.  We must continue to support local businesses and promote The Woodlands as a family-friendly, safe community for many to enjoy.  Moreover, the studies point toward residential build-out in 2022.  We should begin reviewing all of the services and make difficult decisions about whether or not a particular service is something that the residents of The Township needs or wants.  Additionally, it would be prudent to explore what services could possibly be transferred to a use fee basis.  There are services that many of the community simply do not use; if a resident is interested in that particular service, then adding a service fee is a potentially reasonable option.  Finally, we need to consider whether or not there are essential services that could be downsized.  

It's been reported that The Woodlands comprises only 20% of households in the county, yet provides almost double that (38.5%) of the county total in property taxes. What would/could you do to correct this gross imbalance of tax inequity?

Unfortunately, we are powerless as an unincorporated entity to rectify this imbalance.  So I will continue to employ my influence and voice these concerns to those who have the authority to rectify this. It is not a secret that the property tax appraisal system can be difficult to understand.  It needs to be addressed and fixed.  Some people see randomly substantial increases while others do not, which is nonsensical and unfair.  Furthermore, the people that do the appraisal process should be professionals.    




Have you ever been convicted as result of arrest? Ever had any tax liens? If so, give start & resolution dates?


Have you and/or any of your family members ever ben employed by or worked under contract to either The Woodlands Township, Woodlands Development Company or Montgomery County?


What are your thoughts about the community using the board to promote certain social justice agendas? Should the board maintain neutrality since they represent broad views of all residents?

As a director who values freedom of speech, I will use my voice, whenever I feel compelled by God to do so, to stand and speak for Truth.  The Board of Directors, on the other hand, serves as the legislative body for the Township, sets policy, and approves the budget.  Though there might be a few times when certain reminders of who we are, as a community, need to be communicated by the Board, this is not our primary job. 


What are the 3 most pressing mobility issues in The Woodlands and what is your preferred solution to each?

Number one is the growing population, which is making road congestion worse. I would encourage county leaders to look to widen the current roads we have, such as the work that has been done on Woodlands Parkway and other areas. The second mobility issue is bumpy or rough roads.  I would work with our county partners to repair the existing roads.  And the final mobility issue is the growing problem of folks from other parts of the county driving through The Woodlands to get to other destinations. I would look to potentially limit the number of roads or highways that cut through The Woodlands.         

Commissioner Riley is actively planning the extension of the Mansion's Way parkway. What should the Township do to prevent a flood of cut though traffic on Woodlands Parkway?

As currently planned, the parkway meets up with FM 2978 and carries traffic to U.S. 249. Mansion’s Way travelers will have to drive on FM 2978 for a good run to get to Woodlands Parkway.  That diversion will slow the herd of traffic. Also, The Township controls property west of FM 2978 which can be used to limit other more direct roads from being built to turn Mansion’s Way into a flood of cut-through traffic.     

What is your opinion of the WRUD (Woodlands Road Utility District) and how is it useful and what's the downside?

The WRUD seems to be going through a process where it is becoming more democratic and responsive to the concerns of residents in The Woodlands.  It is imperative that this process continues because there is an unfortunate history of raising taxes and spending without taxpayer oversight and accountability.  It can be useful but the process of making it more transparent and democratic must continue.  


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

One of the primary reasons I am running for The Woodlands Township Board is to serve.  God has called me to serve others as a pastor, and now, as a public servant. I love the people of The Woodlands and want to support, encourage, and represent them in this capacity.  The second main reason I am running is to help The Woodlands grow organically with sustainable economic development and not become dependent upon high taxes for jobs and development. And the third main reason is to make sure that The Woodlands is an even stronger, safer, and more secure community for my family and for all those who call our community home.

What do you perceive to be the biggest threat to our community within the next 5 years?

The biggest threat to The Woodlands right now still involves the issues dealing with Covid-19. Fortunately, these issues are significantly reduced from the April 2020 time period. The second biggest threat to The Woodlands is maintaining the high quality of life to which we are accustomed without unnecessarily growing government and making the tax bill for residents intolerable.  

With new legislation (HB347) prohibiting annexation of smaller communities by larger/adjacent cities unless approved by voters, is The Woodlands still obligated to pay-off Houston ($1 million) and Conroe ($500,000) for that purpose?

That question needs to be seriously explored by the Township board.  Those dollar amounts were imposed upon The Woodlands in a situation where all parties were not participating in a knowing and willingly manner. The circumstances surrounding the imposition of those cash payments have changed significantly and HB347 is just one change that has occurred over these many years.  We should explore our options and make a decision that is best for the residents of The Woodlands.

Do you agree/disagree with MCTP Core Values?  Please explain if you disagree

I agree with all the MCTP Core Values.  As to your first core value, “Acknowledgement of our Creator", I unabashedly profess faith in Christ and have given my life in service to Him as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.  I agree that we cannot accomplish our shared goals without faith in and dependence upon God. As to the final core value, “Uphold Ethics", I believe aligning my life with the teachings of Jesus Christ and upholding ethics go hand-and-hand.  As to the others, upholding the “Founding Documents," “Free Markets", “Limited Government”, and “Fiscal Responsibility” these are also core values I hold.

What political party do you affiliate with? Do you believe in that party platform (all of it or % part - if %, please describe what you disagree with)?

I affiliate with the Republican Party. I voted in the March 2020 Republican Party primary. I support the Republican Party platform.  I would say I agree with 85% of it.