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Mark Callahan
Party Republican
Born 5/11/77
Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Management Information Systems
Occupation Professional Services Technical Consultant
Religion Christian
Marital Single
Children 2

Mark Callahan


As an Experienced Leader, and Conservative Republican, I am seeking the Precinct Chair position for Precinct 11 with The Montgomery County Republican Party. I have the Spirit to Serve, and am committed to keeping our country strong and secure.  I promise to uphold with Honor, Integrity, and Character, the founding and continuing principles our country. I promise to defend the foundations of the U.S. Constitution, and secure the Freedom that our great country was founded upon, by working as a productive and dynamic member of the leadership team for the Montgomery County Republican Party. I live in Montgomery, TX. Thank you. 



This is a Republican primary race.  Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? And if not, please enumerate what problems you have.

Yes, I promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform. 

What best describes your political ideology most(circle only one).   
1.        Republican                     
2.        Grassroots                     
3.        Conservative
4.        Tea Party

Tea Party/Conservative

There's discussion about making major revisions to the RPT Platform. Please describe the nature of any major changes you support.

Being that I am new to Texas, after moving here a year ago in April 2021 from Oregon, I have not been involved in the discussions regarding making major revisions to the RPT Platform. Having been involved in the revisions of the Oregon Republican Party platform when I lived in Oregon, I know that major revisions must be balanced by all stakeholder opinions before major decisions are made, so as to create a win-win for all stakeholders, i.e. the Party members, involved that they can support and get behind.

Should the county GOP chair be involved with fundraising? Why or why not?

Yes, I feel that the county GOP chair should be involved in fundraising on behalf of the county party only as well as making appearances and being the face of the party for candidates after the primary elections, not before the primary elections. In Oregon, before I moved to Texas, the party chair's primary responsibility, in addition to general leadership, was fundraising.

Do you like the Steering Committee style of leadership currently in place or that of just a county chairman?

The Steering Committee style of leadership is what I have a preference for. Decisive leadership is a good thing by a county chairman, however, it must be balanced leadership with other perspectives being presented before a decision is voted on or made.

Do you think the 'Republican' brand should be used by PACs in their names that may deceive voters? Why or why not?"

No, the Republican brand should not be used to deceive voters. I am aware of the recent Republican Voters of Texas scandal. What that group was dishonorable in their efforts to deceive voters. Being a Republican is more than just a word in a brand or a word, it is a way of living, and a system of morals and values based upon the teachings of The Lord Our God, and built upon the foundations of freedom.

Do you beieve that the county chair/precinct chairs should actively participate in at least one committee?


Are you willing to put in the time necessary to attend CEC meetings, additional committee meetings, training sessions, blockwalking, etc?

Yes to all.

How do you believe precinct chairs should be involved in elections? (election judge, clerk, none?)

Precinct Chairs are part of the leadership county party. They should take an active role in representing the party as the leaders they are and the face of the party. As an election clerk myself, for 2 previous Texas elections, I see and learned the value of participating in the elections. I am a conservative and a Republican, but I am also an American. Elections are part of the freedom we value in our country as Americans. As Republicans, that same freedom is what we embrace, especially as leaders of our party in the position of being a Precinct Chair.

What's your position on Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan?

I have no opinion or position on Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan. I am new to Texas, having moved to Texas from Oregon in April 2021.


Would you support legislative action to establish a salary framework (possibly related to the Gov. salary) for all taxpayer funded employees with a stipulation that elected officials be required to get voter approval to exceed that framework for their own salaries?

Yes, but it must be specifically and exactly defined down to the most granular of levels, to ensure enforceable accountability and accounting to prevent corruption and fraud.

Other civil liberty

Do you support or oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad (even if they use money derived from other sources)?

I oppose federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other agencies that perform abortions, both in the U.S. and abroad, even if they use money derived from other sources. Life is precious, and should not be ended by abortion. Killing life at the most innocent and vulnerable point in a person's life is evil and wrong. Funding the killing by the federal government is equally evil and wrong, if not more so.


Do you support or oppose social programs in our schools (like C-Scope, Common Core, CRT, International Baccalaureate, SEL, etc.)? Why or why not?

I oppose social programs in our schools like C-Scope, Common Core, CRT, International Baccalaureate, SEL, etc. I oppose them because they impose liberal and secular indoctrination, and are not the values and precepts that our country was founded on. I oppose any program that attempts to impose a globalist America-hating agenda in our schools. Our country was founded on freedom and belief in the Lord our God.


Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?

A bankruptcy in 2013 resulting from debt accrued in a previous marriage and the divorce that concluded the previous marriage. Since then, I have rebuilt my financial life, have purchased a house, and a car. I have literally pulled myself up by my bootstraps and become more fiscally responsible.

At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, sign of heartbeat, 3 months of pregnancy, birth, 5 days old, etc)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

Life begins at conception. In terms of reflecting my strong pro-life stance in law, I will help guide the Montgomery County Republican Party Leadership Team and Executive Council to support candidates that also strongly support Life beginning at conception.

Should the county GOP chair be involved in any other political organizations, including PAC's, while serving a term as the chairman? Why or why not?

The answer to this question is a matter of balance between free will/free association as defined in the US Constitution and the ethics of preventing a conflict of interest by the GOP Chair. Certainly the Chair, first and foremost, represents the interests of the party. Any organizations that they are a member of, in addition to holding their elected office as Chair, must respect that the Chair may need to make decisions that may not be in total agreement with the other group's goals. At the most basic and general level, the GOP Chair's first duty is to the elected office they hold as the GOP Chair.


What, if anything, should be done to protect our borders from illegal immigration?

Build the Wall, and re-implement all immigration policies that President Trump implemented in his administration. 


Do you support or oppose the referendum passed by both the MoCo GOP Executive Committee and SREC to allow voters, at the statewide level, to decide whether or not they want a particular toll road?

Being new to Texas after moving here from Oregon in April 2021, I am unfamiliar with the details of the specific proposal. However, in general in terms of the subject of toll roads, I feel local control, by the local voters, is the best option to control local toll roads. Voters in far away more liberal cities in Texas should not get to determine how toll roads in more conservative areas of Texas are implemented, or even implemented at all, in my humble opinion. The local voters should be able to decide whether or not toll roads in their area should implemented.


What does being a conservative mean to you?

Being a conservative means believing in God and believing in our country, as well as the potential of what our country can and will become in the future. Being conservative means embracing and internalizing the freedom our country was founded on, and being motivated to fight for and defend that freedom when called to do so, or proactively doing so voluntarily.