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$350 Mil Road Bond

Montgomery County

$350 Mil Road Bond


On May 9, Montgomery County voters determined the ill-fated $350 million road bond. The bond included:

  • $80 million in Precinct 1
  • $80 million in Precinct 2
  • $105 million in Precinct 3
  • $85 million in Precinct 4

The text of the measure reads as follows

The issuance of $350,000,000 road bonds and the levying of the tax in payment thereof


Montgomery County Transportation Plans [reference needed]

Submitted by kenneth vaughn on

The proponents and opponents of the bond seem to have differing views over whether there is a county-wide transportation plan and whether it is being followed. An extensive search of the Internet and efforts to obtain plans via the County Commissioners have resulted in the following list of plans, each with their own set of problems.

Current Thoroughfare Plan

The Commissioners Court argues that there is a Thoroughfare Plan and that it is currently being updated. The reality is that the current plan has not been properly maintained and it does not qualify as true plan.

The current plan is woefully out-of-date. When the project was being approved Judge Craig Doyal (then Commissioner Doyal) admitted that the last thoroughfare plan the county conducted was in 1985. Since then there have been a couple of updates to the plan, but this is the first major...  More