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Position 5

The Woodlands

Position 5



Each township position is a two-year term and is elected at large by voters in The Woodlands Township, which covers portions of Montgomery County and Harris County. 

Voting Eligibility

To vote in The Woodlands Township election, you must be a registered voter in the county of your residence and a resident of The Woodlands Township.

Current Status

Position 5 on the Township is currently held by John P. McMullan.


MCTP Favors John McMullan with a score of 93 Source

Submitted by kenneth vaughn on 2015-10-04 00:07:35

John McMullan tied for the highest rating given to any candidate we vetted this cycle with a score of 93. John

  • Has a solid educational background
  • Is a fiscal conservative
  • Was vocal against the clear cutting
  • Was vocal against the road bond
  • Is strong on family values
  • Appears willing to represent the people against the establishment as shown on the road bond and clear cutting issue
  • Has only served one previous term and is still a fresh face

Our only concern was in some of his answers during the interview about increasing the size of the police force.

Major Issues

  • Road bond
  • Clear cutting of trees
  • Incorporation into a city
  • Taxes and use of revenues