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County Commissioner

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County Commissioner


Each county in Texas is managed by a committee consisting of 4 'county commissioners' and headed by a 'county judge'. Each commissioner represents one of four districts in the county, with the district boundaries being defined after each census in order to preserve roughly equal populations.




Sexual Harrasment of Employee/s Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2018-03-12 11:41:41

  • Charges of Sexual Harrassment and possible payoffs to keep it quite
  • Darinage and Flooding Problems
  • Lack of Adequate Roads in East County
  • Candidate thumbing his nose at the public by attending a friends fundraiser and not attending a well publicized/attended Forum for their own race
  • Bloated Salaries


Submitted by john wertz on 2018-03-11 12:48:07


Clark, Parker pick up major endorsements in their runoffs against “establishment” candidates