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County Treasurer

Montgomery County

County Treasurer


The County Treasurer is the Custodian of the funds for the county with a staff of 6, as the department is responsible for the receipting, depositing, overseeing and investing of county funds, currently in excess of $300 million.

The role requires a thorough understanding of the county's investments and strategies, their potential and realized returns and the management of funds to cover county expenses.

The department is responsible for the accounts payable for the county, payroll for more than 2,200 employees, for the administration of the bail bond collateral rates, housing the Montgomery County Bail Bond Board Administrator, the processing of all jury funds, the compiling of fees and fines that must be reported to the state comptroller’s office, as well as unclaimed property for the citizens of Montgomery County.





Eagle Forum - Candidate Debate 1/18/18 Source

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Challenger Melanie Bush squares off against incumbent Stephanne Davemport



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