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Montgomery County Commissioner - Precinct 4

Precinct 4

Montgomery County Commissioner - Precinct 4




Each Texas County is presided over by a Commissioners' Court of four County Commissioners and the County Judge, plus the County Clerk as a non-voting ex officio member. Despite the terms "Court" and "Judge," the County Commissioners' Court has no judicial function, and although the County Judge presides over its meetings, the County Judge does not render judicial rulings.

The Commissioners Court is just the title given in Texas to the county government, and County Judge the title given to the head of county government.This body is responsible for administration of the county, controlling the county tax rate, the budget for its responsible departments, and exercising oversight over subsidiary boards and commissions.The County Judge presides over meetings[8] but has no veto power, Reviews and the court makes decisions by simply majority and is quorate with three voting members (except for levying tax where four members are required). Consequently, a County Judge is primarily the chief administrator for the county, effectively the chief executive officer, who exercises only limited judicial functions (varying between counties), though retaining the authority to conduct marriages and to conduct administrative hearings.


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Commissioner Metts was a NO Show



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