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At-large Township Position #3

The Woodlands

At-large Township Position #3


Township directors are elected to 2 years terms with Positions 1-4 elected in even years and Positions 5-7 elected in odd years.

Major Issues

  1. Governmental Control - The County Commissioners(and their developer friends, including attorney Bruce Tough), have taken advantage of The Woodlands (TW)  paying 38% of county taxes, with only 20% of population;
  2. TW's residents need their Resident Advocate directors to exercise due diligence by commissioning a qualified Tax Study to determine the actual "cost/timing" of Incorporation(to remove control of No. 1).  The study in 2011/12 was apparently bogus;
  3. Candidates who supported May 9th, 2015 Road Bond, that included the Woodlands Parkway Extension, are part of the crony-chamber, including Bruce Tough and Mike Bass;
  4. If the people in No. 3 that Bruce Trough supports are elected, they would control TWT board and along with the County Commissioners, could together make TW a major thorougfare community using WPX, Gosling and Branch Crossing.
  5. What does it hurt to do a real Tax Implication study, so that we can plan for the future.