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Board of Trustees Member, District 5

Lone Star College

Board of Trustees Member, District 5


The TRUSTEE is elected publicly to serve six (6) year terms; to represent the System in a single member district and serve without pay. The TRUSTEE is required to satisfy all State legal statutes relative to serving as a TRUSTEE; and any local policy adopted by the Board. The TRUSTEE individually, may speak for the Board only if so designated. This is not intended to restrict personal opinion or First Amendment Rights. The TRUSTEE must keep all “closed session” discussion confidential to comply with State law. The TRUSTEE is limited in actual responsibilities. Major responsibilities of the Board include: Appoint Chancellor; Set Board/System policies; Contract System assets; Ratify employment contracts; Approve various System business activities; Establish tax rates; Set official budgets; Monitor/review System performance. The TRUSTEE is expected to willingly participate in: Official Board meetings (each month; 10 per year) Special called meetings (approximately 2 per year); Assigned committee meetings (approximately 3 per year); Planned budget workshop (1 per year); Planned retreat (2 per year) Various organizational meetings (1 - 2 per year); Various System functions (6 per year Board interfaces, graduations, dinners); Training as required by State law; Trustee development conferences and seminars The TRUSTEE should be a positive influence in the community regarding System activities.