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Angie Smith
Party Republican
Born December 31, 1976
Education Cy- Fair High School, Lone Star Community College
Occupation Program Manager
Religion Baptist
Marital Married
Children 3

Angie Smith


**It came to our attention (after our Voter Guide went out and clearly after our vetting of Ms. Smith) that her then 18 year-old husband - back in Nov. of 1991, before they knew each other - had been convicted of a sexual offense (of a minor, who was 16).  Note that we don't normally do vetting and/or background checks of candidates families.

Ms. Smith was contacted by us to discuss this and according to her, it was a case of the 16 year old(a friend of Mr. Smiths girlfriend) filing the complaint.  Ms Smith indicated that the girl later admitted she lied and wanted to retract, but her parents weren't buying it and encouraged her to file anyway, which she did.  According to Ms. Smith and records we obtained, he served 5 years and has no further issues, as a sexual offender.

We feel that based on the facts that whatever happened back 28 years ago in 1991, while very unfortunate, should not reflect on Ms. Smiths character and competence, as we know it currently.  Therefore, the MCTP PAC Vetting committee has elected to stay w/our endorsement of Ms. Smith as we feel she'll be an asset to MISD. (Note:  Her opponent failed to vet with us).**



#Since graduated from Cy-Fair High School in 1995, Ms. Smith has attended Lone Star College in Tomball and spent numerous hours helping members of all communities who were less fortunate. In 2000 I met the love of my life and we were married. I have been blessed with 3 children, one son who is a senior this year and twin girls who are juniors. As a family we have spent time volunteering within our community and moved to Magnolia 6 years ago. I have been employed for over 10 years with Sprint and have worked my way up thru the company with hard work and dedication. My great great grandfather came to Magnolia back when it was called Minks Prairie and then started his family. My family started a saw mill within Magnolia and continued to run it for years within our community until it closed. My grandfather started a dairy in Magnolia and my great uncle was a prominant real estate agent who served also served on the school board. Prior to my time in Magnolia, I was involved in a large MUD district as a board member and helped grow security for the residents as well as helped build parks for our children. I also worked with former Rep Callegari to dispose of the STARR testing up until his retirement.  On any given day, I can be found at Magnolia West working on some project or talking to teachers or admins. I look forward to serving the parents and students of our district for the betterment of all of our children if given the chance. 


video interview Source

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MCTP Rating of: 84 ENDORSED Source

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  • Opponent of STARR testing.
  • Speaks with confidence, unhesitatingly. Full of ideas.
  • Very involved in school system. Knowledgeable of issues & people(former Pres of Band & Color Guard Club past 3 years; Pres of Project Prom).
  • Attends School Board meetings. 
  • Says leadership needs to be pared down (too many) - sees the need for having the school focus on student education and teacher needs, much less on growth in administration.
  • Has 3 kids in MISD schools.
  • Thinks school expenses need to be reduced. 
  • Concerned w/high turnover rates of teachers in MISD.  Wants to raise teacher salary and benefits, in an attempt to reduce loss of teachers to other school districts.
  • Will make regular direct contact with students and teachers, unlike Conroe ISD that instructs Board Members to have no direct contact except with the Superintendent.
  • Favors .....
    •  lowering administration/teacher...  More



Is the board seat you seek to be elected to effectively fulfilling its role? How or how not?

While I think the role is being fulfilled, I fully believe that there could be improvements made across the board. There has been recognition of students, but I think that we need more recognition of more groups across all the schools!

What makes you qualified for this office?  Name three main reasons you believe you’re the best candidate for this position?

What makes me qualified, well, I could say the same thing as everyone, but I firmly believe the following

1) I am connected with the students and staff of our community. I can be found on campus on any given day, so I am hands on. To know what needs to change, you have to be involved. The good, the bad, everything. If you aren't there, you aren't seeing what is happening and what is working and what isn't.

2) I am dedicated to increasing education for all of the students in our district, not just to state standards, but preparing our students for their future.

3) Safety- I was formally a MUD director that was over safety coordination for one of the largest MUD districts in the state. Security for our students is prioroty number 1. With that experience, and the amount of time I spend at our schools, and talking with community leaders and teachers, I know what our teachers need and want to ensure safety for all of our students.

What are the 3 largest challenges currently facing this position/office and your road map to address them?

Transparency is one of the largest issues I see within the district. There is a large district close to us that actually lists their financials on their website. I would like to see this be done in MISD. Another issue is security. While it is great that we have added additional officers, we need more solutions in the classroom itself. I would like to look for ways to vet teachers to be a part of a concel carry, which requires detailed back ground checks, training and continued education as well as door stops for each class room, even if it means looking for donations! The third issue is CTE or trade programs for our students. More and more students are going towards a trade instead of a 4 year college, I would like to grow this program to benefit our students.

What do you view as the top 3 issues facing your ISD in the next 5 years?

The top 3 issues I see facing MISD in the next 5 years is growth, educational programs and teacher retention.

What is one significant way that your ISD can reform itself to increase educational achievement?

One significant way that school districts can reform themselves to increase educational achievement is the growth of CTE programs. Programs that prepare our students for trade jobs, such as HVAC and plumbing as just an example.

What special interest groups have you belonged to or attended meetings of? Include business, social, civic, educational, environmental or any other cause for which you have advocated or supported with time or money.

I have been been President of the Magnolia West Band and Color Guard Booster Club for the past 3 years. This upcoming year I will move to the Vice President Role. I was also President of the Project Prom committee for the 2018-2019 year. I have spent numerous hours volunteering time at Montgomery County Food Bank as well as the Houston Food Bank. 


What are the top 3 areas where the budget for this ISD needs to be adjusted?

Plant Maintence and Operations is the 2nd highest amount after instruction. This cost needs to be much lower. 

Leadership needs to be reduced. Between all of the higher ups, this would cover paying down bond amounts. This includes, Superintendent, Asst Superintendent and all Directors and campus leadership. 

Data Processing Services, why are we outsourcing this? Keep it in house and keep the cost down!

Do you believe a lack of funding from the state is the primary reason for lower educational outcomes compared to other states or nations.

Yes! I think that State contributions have been low and with Texas ranked as number 36 in the country, something needs to be done. Spending in the state is less then the National average and I firmly believe this effects our kids in the classroom. Other states have higher contributions per student and they seem to thrive. It could be due to better access to technology, which that spending helps with. It could also be the STARR test effecting our students education as well as the teachers being forced to teach to a test and not being able to make sure our kids have a well rounded education.

Will you vote to limit budget increases to a factor based on population growth and inflation? Explain.

No. It hasn't worked in other states or school districts. It also doesn't take the need of our actual district into consideration. Our needs aren't the same as others around us. 

Do you believe a component of compensation for teachers and chancellors should be based on merit, instead of the traditional system of seniority.

I think that this is a loaded question. I think that as long as you have teachers being forced to teach to a test, STARR, you will see outcomes like you have seen. Students are being forced to learn to test, not to learn. You have teachers that have been around a long time and while they are successful, they aren't thriving. You have new teachers that only know how to teach to a test, so while I believe a component of compsenation should be based on merit, I can also see it falling in that gray area for seniority. Simple fact is our teachers and our students deserve more. More access to learning and less to testing and grading teachers on how students test!


What can school districts do to ensure more of existing education funds are spent on educational purposes, rather than administration and overhead?

Lets start with broken desks or consolidating schools. When a junior high closes to consolidate and open an intermediate school items from that school should not be trashed. Sold off to make money at a discounted rate, maybe, placed into storage to replace broken ones in our other schools, yes, if there is space, but trashed, NO! Lets start with not building unnecessary buildings (Magnolia Event Center). Let's also locked our higher admins wages for a period of time, no more raises. Our childrens education is more important then the almighty dollar and some of our admins are making more then the national margin. 

How much money does ISD have in their bank account for "contingencies"? How much is statutorially required to keep on hand?

The amount of money that MISD has in their bank account for a contingency doesn't matter simply because it won't be enough. Historically, you want to have 5% to 10% of whatever the cost is for repair or build. If MISD wanted to build a new school, they wouldn't have enough to cover that projec in case something happens.


Please explain why or why not local taxing entities should be required to get voter approval for a tax increase.

Yes, local taxing entities should get voter approval for a tax increase. Simply put, to many people are being taxed out of their own homes, homes they have worked hard for and fought for. As an American citizen, we have a right to know and to have a say in what they are paying for!

What MISD needs would justify a tax rate increase?

No, I don't think that what the needs of the district are at this time would justify a tax rate increase. 

Please discuss to what extent tax revenues should be used for non-academic programs/purposes. Please list all non-academic programs you support and suggested additional revenue sources.

Many of the non-academic programs have booster clubs to support these programs. Yes, have funding from the district keeps the cost down, but these activities in many times are important for more then just learning. I am a huge supporter of all the arts. Band was a major part of my life and is huge for my own children. When kids are busy with extra activities, it keeps them out of trouble. Many booster clubs do fundraising and fill in any gaps left by the district. As President of the Band booster club for the past 3 years, we have sought out donations for sponsorships, scholarships and any needing instruments. Our kids also fundraise to help their own program. But, it is a proven fact that many involved in extra curriculars excel in core classes due to UIL rules. In the past 5 years, 3 of those years, the valedictorians have been band students! I also support football and sports, but the funding they receive is ridiculous compared to art programs.

Should lawmakers require that local government entities hold a school tax ratification or school bond proposition election in November or is any time okay?

I firmly believe all elections should be held in November. As we have seen, just with the TRE election, the cost was extremely high and the turn out was low. 


What is a proper balance of local and state funding?

For taxation purposes, the state should take on more funding. As long as the state is making money off things such as lottery, ALL of those funds should be going directly to schools. Local funding coming from taxes etc should be lowered. Of course, if the state is dropping the ball on funding, it has no choice to take from local. But, additional or an increase in taxes is not ok. 

What level of school safety is appropriate? What ideas do you have  to make our campuses more safe?

I think that our constables have done a great job with increase in officers on campus, but I also believe that in an emergency situation, we need to have other things in place, such as door jams for each class room. While doors can be locked, if a teacher is absent, a sub doesn't have a key to the classroom. There need to be Contingencies in place for every possible situation. Our high schools are large, our officers can't be every where. We need teachers armed in the class room, which requires heavy background checks, regular training and psycological reviews on an ongoing basis. 


Do you believe the private conduct of a public official is relevant to that official’s suitability for office?

Do I believe the private conduct of a public official is relevant to that officials suitability for office, absolutely. How you carry yourself in the public as an individual carries over to your public view and the opinion of you. 

How will you improve the transparency and access to financial and other records of ISD for the public?

I am a firm beliver in open book policy. In our booster meetings each month, we hand out statements where we are at the bank for current month as well as for that point in the year. This information needs to be available on our website so that anyone can look and see at any given time. My goal would be to ensure that this is something that would be posted for all to be able to see.


What political party have you affilated with over the last twenty years? Do you believe in that party platform(all of it or % part - if %, please describe what you disagree with?

Over the past 20 years, I have identified as a Republican  agreeing with roughly 75% of it's platform. The areas I don't tend to agree with are gay marriage and abortion. Again, I feel those are personal issues that should be discussed in the home, not at a government level.

Under what circumstances should abortion be legal?

The question of abortion is a personal choice and I feel isn't revelant in a school board election. As far as my personal belief, I only believe in abortion if the pregnancy is a threat to the fetus or mothers life or in the situation of rape.