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Philip Cash
Party Republican
Education High School + Numerous certifications and credentials from entities including, but not limited to the FBI, DEA, and the DOJ.
Occupation Lieutenant, Montgomery County Sheriffs Office
Religion Christian
Marital Married

Philip Cash


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MCTP Rating of 77 Source

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  • Personable/professional
  • Most knowledgeable about strong cities network.
  • Endorsed by MCLEA ; Texas Narcotics Officer Association; Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage


  • Says county does NOT have nepotism problem
  • Says constables department is understaffed
  • Supported by establishment
  • Seems one-sided in his support of Waco LE incident 
  • Supports LE having military-style equipment

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Sheriff’s Lieutenant in Precinct 1 Constable race (11/1/15)

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Have you ever been arrested? Ever had any tax liens? If so, start & resolution dates?



What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

- Commitment to Public Service.

- Passion for Law Enforcement.

- A Desire to Keep our Community Safe.

- I have no conflicts of interest with this position.

Please describe the qualifications and experience that make you the best candidate for the office you are seeking.

- Licensed Peace Officer since 1988

- Over 3200 hours of certified law enforcement training

- Certifications include, but are not limited to: Drug Recognition Expert by the US Department of Transportation, certification from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Clandestine Laboratory Investigator, Site Safety and Tactical Officer, DEA International Drug Unit Commander’s Academy, graduate of the FBI National Academy.

What do you see as the 3 major challenges for your office over this next term?

- Maximizing Efficiency

- Increased Community Involvement

- Addressing the Mental Health Challenges by a Growing Population

What goals do you have in mind, if you are elected, and to which you want to be measured against in the coming term?

- Officers doing more with less

- More involvement and presence in the community

Are the United States and Texas constitutions living documents?  Please answer in the context of Progressivism versus Originalism.   


What is the job of a Constable? 

To deliver If strings are attached and unreasonable mandates required, I would be opposed to federal money. I prefer local money, local policies and local control.

Civic, Political or union organization or individuals to whom you have contributed (five years):

- Numerous Republican Elected Officials including: County Attorney JD Lambright, District Attorny Brett Ligon, Sheriff Tommy Gage.

Please describe the best way for the average voter to determine which candidate for this office is best.

Qualifications, experience and reputation.

Where do you think the possibility for corruption resides in county government?  How would you handle it in your department, even if you think there is none?

I would work closely with the county attorney and district attorney if I thought anything inappropriate was occurring within my department, and I would encourage all staff to do the same.

How many hours a week working cases does it take to be a "good" law enforcement officer?

Until the job is done.

How many days off per year should the officeholder of this position take to learn (seminars & workshops) or teach (give educational or motivational talks) or network with other county officials?

I cannot speak to the functions of Sheriff.

What have you done to prepare for serving in this role?

Training and qualifications in the field of law enforcement make me uniquely qualified, but in addition to that I’ve sought shared practices that can improve the Constable’s office and have made it a priority to listen to constituents and community leaders to better understand their concerns and ideas on how to improve the office.

Who is endorsing you and what is their relationship to you?

Sheriff Tommy Gage, Sheriff Clint McRae (Walker County), Sheriff Greg Capers (San Jacinto County), Constable David Hill – all colleagues who’ve seen firsthand my passion for and ability in law enforcement.


What are the top 3 areas where the budget for this office needs to be adjusted?

Through cross training, we can better prepare officers to deal with a wider variety of issues. That is a budget adjustment with short and long term impact.

What is your position on taking federal money for your department?

If strings are attached and unreasonable mandates required, I would be opposed to federal money. I prefer local money, local policies and local control.

How will you improve the transparency and access to financial and other records for the public?

I would not be opposed to the public posting of Constable office expenditures, so long as they don’t put any officers or cases at risk.

Other civil liberty

What is your knowledge/opinion on Strong Cities Network?  What action would you take if Obama administration attempts to implement it?

I am not in favor of the Strong Cities Network, or any other policy created by the or through the UN. I prefer local money, local policies and local control.

What is your position of dash/body cams & public availability of that info

Most agencies in Montgomery County us the Coban in-car system. Body cameras are being reviewed for their cost and effectiveness.


How much of a problem is county hiring based on the "good old boy" / "loyalty to leadership" instead of one's ability to efficiently and ethically perform their tasks and functions? and what can realistically be done about it?

- That issue is a problem for any organization because it hurts efficiency, decreases creative solutions, is discriminatory, and the opposite of free-market principles. The fix to that problem, assuming legal action is not possible, should be made at the ballot box and that problem should be fixed top-down.