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Billy Ballard
Party Republican
Education Bachelor of Science Sam Houston State University Law Enforcement and Police Science
Occupation Detective Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Religion The Ark Church of Conroe
Marital Married

Billy Ballard


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MCSO Investigator running for Precinct 1 Constable (10/23/15)

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  • Degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science
  • ID'd Lake Conroe as most dangerous in Texas.  
  • Said Pct. 1 has bloated mgt.(1/3rd of dept).  
  • Has conservative bent.  
  • Proponent of open carry.  
  • Wants to cut costs.  
  • Supports term limits.  


  • Wants to grow dept w/emphasis on community outreach - (beyond constitutional role) 
  • Willing to accept federal monrey for body-cams without any apparent caveats (21:00 min of video).
  • Claims constitution is a living document

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Have you ever been arrested? Ever had any tax liens? If so, start & resolution dates?

I have never been arrested, received a ticket or had a tax lien


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

There are several reasons for my decision to run for this office. Primarily, I want the Precinct One Constable's Office to be better involved with the community. A stronger relationship with the community builds a partnership that has been proven to reduce crime. Secondly, my experience makes me the logical candidate. I have been a peace officer for twenty-five years, with the first six years working in a Constable's office. I know what a Constable's office truly is and how it works. Lastly, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science from Sam Houston State University. During this course of study specific topics included police management and ethics in law enforcement.

Please describe the qualifications and experience that make you the best candidate for the office you are seeking.

I am a twenty-five year law enforcement veteran, that started my career at a Constable's Office. Those six years gave me a vision of what a Constable's Office could truly be. In 1996, I moved over to the Sheriff's Department to grow in my career.  At the Sheriff's Department I worked six years in patrol and 13 years as a detective. I am a 1992 Graduate of Sam Houston State University with a degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science. During this degree, I had courses in Management and Ethics that instilled a belief in responsible law enforcement and a pride in doing things the right way at all times. I currently have a Master Peace Officer Certification, Law Enforcement Instructor License and have attended police supervisor training. In 2011 I started a photography business to help with the added expenses of a college student.  I run my business in the same way government should run.

Establish a budget, work within your budget and plan a budget to anticipate growth. It is my belief that government should do the same.

What do you see as the 3 major challenges for your office over this next term?

Major challenges for the Precinct One Constable's Office will be serving a growing community. Currently the North side of Montgomery County is growing and all of government must be responsibly anticipating this growth. The only way to do this is to communicate with citizens and business owners in the community.

Lake Conroe was designated the deadliest lake in Texas from 2000 to 2014 and measures must be taken to address this. The Constable's Office must study other lakes that have similar problems and how they addressed them. This solution should include the businesses and residents of Lake Conroe in order to be a success.

Reducing criminal activity in Precinct One by opening lines of communication between the community and law enforcement. These open lines of communication will enable law enforcement to become less of a reactionary element and more of a preemptive element of the community.

What goals do you have in mind, if you are elected, and to which you want to be measured against in the coming term?

As a college student studying principle's of law enforcement, I read the Sir Robert Peel's Principles of Law Enforcement and I felt he established principles that are the foundation for all law enforcement. The cornerstone being that Police should maintain a relationship with the public, because the “police are the public and the public are the police”.  This relationship should be built before there is a crisis and not a midst one. When a community has a strong relationship with its law enforcement, crime rates are lower, which is the most accurate measurement of law enforcement effectiveness.

Are the United States and Texas constitutions living documents?  Please answer in the context of Progressivism versus Originalism.   

The United States and Texas Constitutions are both living breathing documents that provide the life blood for our country and state. They are not a fixed piece of paper, but an applicable document today, as it was when it was created. Originalists would have it be read word for word as it is, but as our world develops they are still viable. As with the evolution of cell phones, fourth amendment considerations have evolved to protect individual privacies.

What is the job of a Constable? 

The Constable is a commissioned peace officer provided for by the Texas Constitution (Article 5 Section 18), who is elected every four years. The constables can enforce criminal laws and civil laws within their jurisdiction and have jurisdiction in relation to documents created in the Justice court in their jurisdiction. In some counties, Constable Office have been delegated other duties and such is the case with the Precinct One Constable's Office. Along with its constitutional duties, Precinct One works with the San Jacinto River Authority to provide law enforcement on Lake Conroe and has a mental health division. Precinct One also contracts with Willis ISD to provide security to its campuses.

Civic, Political or union organization or individuals to whom you have contributed (five years):

Lifetime Member of the Montgomery County Fair Association Member of the National Rifle Association

Boy Scouts of America

Associate Member of the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association

Association Texas Professional Educators Willis High School Football Booster Club

Please describe the best way for the average voter to determine which candidate for this office is best.

The voter needs to first ask themselves, ”What kind of Constable's Office do I want?” Then look at each candidate, their goals, their education and the person. I believe the voter wants a well rounded Constable, who wants to work hand in hand with the community to make it a safer community. A Constable, who is always available to meet and who wants to hear their input.

Where do you think the possibility for corruption resides in county government?  How would you handle it in your department, even if you think there is none?

I would support term limits of three four year terms on all county elected positions. I believe that corruption and malfeasance flourishes in environments of comfortable mediocrity. I would not tolerate corruption of any kind, it is a violation of the trust by the community.

How many hours a week working cases does it take to be a "good" law enforcement officer?

I have been a detective for the last thirteen years and can attest that be a good detective takes countless hours. My family can witnesses to the numerous phone calls on vacations, from patrolmen asking advice, agencies asking for assistance and the times a case has kept me up at night brainstorming ideas. Hours do not make a good law enforcement officer, dedication does. Dedication to see things through, until the end and pursue the truth above all.

How many days off per year should the officeholder of this position take to learn (seminars & workshops) or teach (give educational or motivational talks) or network with other county officials?

In law enforcement, we are required to maintain a certain amount of training every two years and at periods of time specific training becomes available that can benefit the organization and the community. However the obligations to the community that elected the official, must be taken into consideration.   When running for any political office, it is a commitment to the voters. This commitment is to do the job, put in the hours, for the salary agreed upon.

What have you done to prepare for serving in this role?

I have worked to this position for my entire career. I started in 1988, when I began my collegiate education and continued to today. I have gotten my degree in law enforcement and police science. I started my career at a constable's office and saw how a constable could be directly involved with his community. I saw a constable who's home phone number was in the phone book and routinely community leaders met with him about issues in their community. That is my goal as a constable. I have continued my education over my career, to make me the best choice for the position. Since starting this campaign, I have studied the current budget and staffing levels. I have met with local community leaders and discussed their issues. I have also sent out a survey across social media to give voters an avenue to share their concerns with me.

Who is endorsing you and what is their relationship to you?

At the time of this questionnaire, I have received no endorsements by anyone.


What are the top 3 areas where the budget for this office needs to be adjusted?

The most important area of concern in the Precinct One Constable's budget is in personnel. After studying their budget, I found that twenty-one deputies are supervised by eleven supervisors. Since two thirds of the constable budget is salaries, I feel that this needs to be addressed. I also found that the training budget is minuscule. To produce a professional law enforcement officer, a department must invest time and money to training. In the near future all car allowances for constable deputies will be ending and this will severely alter the budget to take in purchase and maintenance for county vehicles.

What is your position on taking federal money for your department?

I have a strong aversion to running to the Federal Government for any handouts.  The only time I would consider such a position would be for innovative key equipment such as Body Cameras. I believe that this key piece of equipment and the infrastructure to support it is such an importance that costs to immediately implement it would justify a partnership. I however do not support the willy-nilly searching for what is sometimes looks like “Free Money”.

How will you improve the transparency and access to financial and other records for the public?

I believe in transparency and responsible stewardship of the voters money. I welcome the input of the community in budget matters and I encourage them to participate in the county budget hearings. Any government checkbook should be an open book. I also encourage the current open record laws and understand both sides of the issue. Timely release is always a goal of mine and should be an ultimate goal.

Other civil liberty

What is your knowledge/opinion on Strong Cities Network?  What action would you take if Obama administration attempts to implement it?

The initial plan of collaboration between cites is the official plan of the “Strong Cities” network for the sharing of information to counter terrorism and violent extremists. This program was initially implemented on September 29, 2015.  This Initiative is being run by think tank based out of

London. I support and initiative to share information, but I would not support any move to a globalized police force.

What is your position of dash/body cams & public availability of that info

I have always been a supporter of the use of video in law enforcement. In 1990, I started in law enforcement at the Montgomery County Precinct Two Constable's Office and I saw the need for car video, and I purchased a car video system with my own money. I kept using that system even after arriving at the Sheriff's Office. A properly used dash/body camera can be a law enforcement officer's most powerful tool and protector. This video should be securely archived to prevent loss by intent or failure and accessible in accordance with Open Records Requirements. The accessibly procedure should be open and strictly adhered to.


How much of a problem is county hiring based on the "good old boy" / "loyalty to leadership" instead of one's ability to efficiently and ethically perform their tasks and functions? and what can realistically be done about it?

I believe there should be a standardized form of hiring and promotions. Our county is past the times of opinion based interviews as the sole method of selection and serious consideration of a third party selection system should be considered or the objective oversight of the civil service board.