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The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and is an elected position with a four-year term. The sheriff is responsible for criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, operation of the jail, and security for the courthouse. The sheriff also assists with service of subpoena and accepts bail for prisoners.

The incumbent sheriff is Tommy Gage, who was originally elected in 2004 and is not running for re-election.


Articles Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2016-02-25 19:27:47

  • SHERIFF Endorsement Showdown

  • CSPOA-Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assoc. pledge to obey and observe limitations consisiting of enumerated powers as detailed w/in Article I, Sect. 8 of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

  • March First Primary Election-Montgomery County-The Sheriff Candidates (K-Star Audio Interviews - Feb. 12, 2016))
  • Sheriff’s candidates say judiciary plays into jail overcrowding
  • In a 1/7/15 Courier article they indicated MCTP was wrong in claiming Rand Henderson was over the jail. 
    • MCTP listed Henderson’s lengthy list of criminal justice education, training, current management experience and endorsements as “pros.” However, MCTP said Henderson being part of the establishment and jail conditions, which Henderson doesn’t oversee, as...  More

Sheriff Forum Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2016-01-09 16:00:17

The Montgomery County Tea Party hosted a candidate forum for the 2016 Republican candidates for County Sheriff.

Major Issues

Major issues in the sheriff's race include:

  • Skills and experience of candidates
  • View of how to apply 4th Amendment and personal privacy during investigations
  • Willingness to protect county residents against federal overreach
  • Position on use of drones and military surplus technology
  • Position on giving officer's discretion vs. establishing county-wide policies (e.g., sanctuaries where laws are not enforced at all)
  • Position on use of dash and body cams