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Woodlands Township Position 4

The Woodlands

Woodlands Township Position 4


Township directors are elected to 2 year terms with Positions 1-4 elected in even years and Positions 5-7 elected in odd years.

Major Issues

  • Continued Residential control versus Developer(Howard Hughes Corporation)/outside commissioner control of the Township
  • Howard Hughes Corporation(and Preserve The Woodlands PAC - PTW) are supporting candidates opposed to our conservative, Free Market views.  In at  least one of HHC's Financial Presentations, they say "Ownership and monopoly-like control of small cities allows HHC to both create demand and control supply of commercial ammenities".  Where's the FREE MARKET?
  • We demonstrated that HHC and PTW embarked on a mis/dis-information campaign of $1million during the Incorporation election a year ago and it worked, for a majority of voters.