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Weston Martinez
Party Republican
Religion Christian
Marital Married
Children 5

Weston Martinez


I have over 22 years of corporate business experience which has afforded me with the ability to know what it takes to make a great business continue to succeed, I have an extensive long term background in Telecom which includes being familiar with understanding how a Tariff, Right of Way or even a simple map design for cell tower coverage has long term economic impacts on consumers and suppliers. I have always strived to seek ways to be more efficient and effective while pushing forward with innovation. Additionally, through entrepreneurship, & consulting, I have firsthand working knowledge of the Oil & Gas Industry, Water Exploration and Transport, and also electrical energy development, grid deficiencies, and Texas’s deregulated market. I have worked on every political level. In the Texas Legislature I have worked with legislators to file legislation which will benefit Texas including the issues of voter fraud, and human trafficking. My wife Geneva is a CPA and graduate of Texas A&M, we have been married 18 years and are blessed to have 5 children.




What are the three main attributes that make you the most qualified for this position?

1: My first had Oil & Gas experience as a business owner, where I worked with Operators and land owners within the confines of the regulated oil and gas industry in the Eagle Ford Shale.

2: My 4 years experience as Texas Real Estate Commissioner gives me a unique perspective & knowledge of the process and the role of a commissioner. No one else running has the experience of serving on a commission that functions similar to the Railroad Commission.

3: I have always fought for the promotion of conservative principles.

  • This includes fighting Voter Fraud where I worked on legislation to increase penalty from class A Misdemeanor to a Felony 1.
  • Fought LGBT discrimination ordinances in San Antonio and Houston. In San Antonio I started a recall of our Liberal Mayor Julian Castro.
  • Securing the border: I worked on legislation to elevate the penalty of those convicted of murder while human trafficking to a death penalty offense.
  • Defending life working with prolife groups on HB2 previously, and now on closing loopholes being exploited by liberal politicians like the San Antonio city council.
  • Fighting for property rights and fighting against the city of San Antonio who is bent on opening a new regional planned parenthood in an under zoned residential area, without the consent of the neighbors.
  • Working hard against the next generation of liberals who are currently filling the ranks of down ballot non-partisan elections like school board and so on.

I will continue to maintain these tenants of my convictions regardless of the office I’m serving in.


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

a. I’m excited to wake up every day and protect the ability for my 5 children and all citizens of Texas to have the same opportunity I have been blessed with in Texas. A large part of that opportunity is due to oil and gas development.

b. Keep the Texas Miracle alive by keeping the EPA, Obama and Castro out of Texas.

c. Achieve Energy Independence in order to Strengthen Texas and the United States

What differentiates you from your opponents?

  • ? Oil & Gas experienced business man.
  • ? Texas Real Estate Commissioner: I understand the mechanics of a Texas Commission and the role of a commissioner. I was confirmed by the Senate after being appointed by Governor Perry and now serve under Governor Abbott.
  • ? Engaged Conservative leader: as explained above I have been at the forefront of every conservative political fight we have recently faced.
  • ? Not a lawyer.

What is the most important problem you see that needs to be addressed by the position your running for and what do you propose to solve it?

Getting the agency through the Sunset Process and making changes at the commission that better protect private property rights while still encouraging oil and gas development. How we deal with allocation wells (wells drilled across multiple tracts of land where the production is allocated by the operator) would be one example of how we can strengthen land owners’ rights and still encourage development.

Civic, Political or union organization or individuals to whom you have contributed (five years):

Texas GOP, Bexar County GOP, Texas Values, San Antonio Family association, local crisis pregnancy centers, several GOP women’s groups. Governor Perry, Senator Ted Cruz

List all individuals/groups you have represented or lobbied for before any governmental entity during the past five years.

*I have assisted several non-profits in zoning battles against the city of San Antonio who was trying to imminent domain their land, or not allow them to fully utilize their property.
*I have worked on behalf of citizens whose property rights were being trampled on by San Antonio in an effort to undermine HB2.


How much efficiency (savings) to the taxpayer can you introduce into the RRC?

I will be looking at every aspect for this answer, I maintain the attitude that it can always be better. I served as vice chairman for Bond Oversight committee for a huge community college system in San Antonio in 2005-2008. It was the first bond in San Antonio History to come in on time and under budget. In these challenging times for industry, the RRC needs to do more with less.


What are the best ways to fund government services and why?

I will always oppose a state income tax. Our property tax system is a good baseline but it needs reform to keep liberal Tax districts from raising the property value year after year. I support a model based on Zero based budgeting and consumption type taxing. I would create more self-directed agencies like the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Do you support or oppose a Business Tax to reduce property taxes?

In a perfect would I would eliminate the franchise tax, while freezing property tax values to the price of original purchase by that landowner. This would be the beginning of a Taxing LAP Band procedure.

10th Amendment

What's the biggest federal over reach issue for the position you're running for?

The inability to export our products onto the world market (though the export ban was recently lifted). A close second is the burdensome unconstitutional rules promulgated by the EPA related to CO2 and methane emissions and Waters of the United States rules that allow EPA to regulate puddles.

Other civil liberty

Do you support spousal benefits for same-sex partners of State employees?



Please describe what you believe is the proper role for the state government in job creation and intervention in the economy.

Lower Taxes, Fair and predictable regulations, Keeping the federal government out of the lives of our citizens. Continued tort reform to prevent frivolous lawsuits. Government doesn’t create jobs but it creates an environment where job creators can thrive.

What side are you on in a clash between land owner and explorationists?

Property rights must be upheld, whether its surface or mineral ownership. I see the opportunity for us to unite against the EPA and desire to bring land owners and exploration companies closer together, in order to be more productive and effective. But the bottom line is property rights are sacred.


How would you balance the use of existing energy sources with the development of alternate energy sources in Texas?

The war on fossil fuels is outrageous. Renewables should not be propped up by government but should only be utilized if they can sustain themselves in the market. Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in the energy game. The bottom line is Texas has abundant hydrocarbon natural resources and we should be developing those as quickly as possible in a responsible way.

How can companies assure nearby residents that hydraulic fracturing is safe for their drinking water.

One way is to take readings before during and after a hydraulic frack to show the area actually disturbed and educate residents about well designs and the required casing that covers the ground water interval. I’d further confirm that the formation is consistent with others which show that drinking water in Texas that is below the TDS allowing for public water supply wells generally are no deeper than 2-4000 feet deep and hydraulic fracturing is taking place significantly below the BUQW (Base of Usable Quality Water). Given the shale and strata formations along with the casing that is required and confirmed by TCEQ citizens should feel pretty good about the process that does into fracking. Even the EPA has said fracking doesn’t contaminate ground water – which is saying a lot!


Are you active with any Tea Party or conservative grassroots organization? If so, list which, how long and what capacity? If not, what's your opinion of Tea Party groups here as to their effectiveness?

10 years. I have never held a title with the San Antonio Tea Party, but have been included in the strategy of issues over the course of the last 8 years with Allen Tharp, George Rodriguez and Ray Myers. We have worked on local, state and national issues to advance conservative principles.

What RRC energy source are you most familiar with?

Oil and Gas Exploration – particularly in the Eagle Ford Shale.

What presidential candidate do you feel will best represent the USA and Texas?

Ted Cruz