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Kenneth Rowdy Hayden
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Kenneth Rowdy Hayden


MCTP Rating of: 72 Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2020-02-09 14:46:29



  • 25+ yrs of LE experience(10 yrs as constable).
  • Professional and people servant
  • Number of community based interactive programs
  • Claims to be frugal w/budget.
  • Active office, claiming 4th highest arrest rate in county, behind MCSO, Conroe PD and DPS.
  • Testified in Austin for Steve Toth's HB 1076 (Firearm protection).
  • Well known in the community.
  • Works more than 40 hours a week and spends a good amount of time on the road with his well-trained deputies
  • Strongly opposes Red Flag Laws
  • Endorsed by MCLEA.


  • Ongoing investigation into allegations of wrong doing. 411 pages of testimonials against Hayden lend truth to the charges dismissed by T-COLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement), some say by those higher up in government
  • Offical Oppression Case (Case Number: 18-01-0235) by Constable Hayden against (minority) Donald James Slaughter.  Here is Mr. Slaughters...  More

Campaign Finance Reports Source

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Jul - Dec 30 Day 8 Day


T-Cole (appears to) Clears Hayden Of Wrongdoing..... Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2020-01-23 22:29:38

 ...... related To Alleged Errors In Reporting Training (according to Hayden press release).  The first sentence under Cons below seem to suggest this investigation may not be over.  {See the 411 page report (below, in "Cons" section, of many testimonials against Constable Hayden}that shed more light on this what this article is leading people to believe.


Video Interview Source

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MoCo Precinct 4 Constable cleared Source

Submitted by john wertz on 2020-01-08 16:04:45

.... of any wrong doing over alleged training violations (according to Hayden press release).




Please describe the qualifications and experience that make you the best candidate for the office you are seeking.

  • 27 Years of Law Enforcement Experience in Montgomery County, including 11 years as Constable, Precinct 4 
  • Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, Graduate 
  • Leadership Command College, Gradudate

Please describe what you believe are the most significant issues in this race, why and what you'll do to address them?

1.       Electing the most qualified individual to this office - This is a critical time for East Montgomery County.  Our rapid population and retail growth make our ability to continue our crime reduction efforts even more important.  It is crucial that we continue to elect the most qualified individuals to our local government.  I am that candidate for this office.  

2.       The need to continue to balance providing necessary law enforcement services while respecting the burden on taxpayers.  I am proud of my record of fiscal responsibility and transparency.  I plan to continue to make East Montgomery County a safer place to live, work, and raise a family, while at the same time managing my office’s budget as our residents manage their own.  

What is your position on the public's right to record police or other government officials on public property?

I support this right. 

What is your position on dash/body cams & public availability of those videos?

I have implemented dash / body cams in my office to increase transparency.  I support the public availability of this  public information when it does not interfere with an ongoing investigation.   

Who is endorsing you and what is their relationship to you?

I enjoy the endorsement of most of my law enforcement peers in and around Montgomery County as well as those in the business community and governmental officials with many more to come.  

Please describe the concrete goals against which you want to be measured in the coming term.

Making Precinct 4 a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.   

Please list all civic, political, and union organizations or individuals to whom you have contributed in the past five years.

  • EMC Fair
  • 100 Club
  • Right to Life
  • Project Graduation
  • Friends of EMC Fair
  • Sam B. Crawford Masonic Lodge
  • Shriners
  • Concerned Citizens of Montgomery County
  • Greater East Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
  • Lion’s Club
  • Splendora ISD Education Foundation
  • Justice of the Peace and Constables Association
  • National Rifle Association
  • Republican Party
  • Rand Henderson Campaign
  • Ryan Gable Campaign
  • Brett Ligon Campaign
  • James Metts Campaign
  • Jason Dunn Campaign 

To what extent do you believe the state or federal government should be able to obtain court orders directing parents to do things for their children that the parent does not believe should be done?

I believe that this should be done only in the most extreme of situations for the health of the child when independently verified by a licensed physician.   

Please list all conservative groups for which you are or have been a member, and list any positions held in each group.

  • Montgomery County Republican Party 
  • East Montgomery County Republican Women 
  • Montgomery County Tea Party 
  • Texas Patriots PAC 
  • National Rifle Association  

Please describe the changes you will make to improve the efficiency of the office for which you are running.

I operate a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week office committed to making Precinct 4 a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.   We are the 4th leading department in arrests in Montgomery County, trailing only larger agencies.  I have spent 3 terms continuing to evaluate and improve efficiencies in my office, and the results of this effort are evident.  I plan to continue to do so in my 4th term. 

Please describe your position on the proper balance of parental rights and the welfare of the child. Please include a couple of examples.

I believe the proper balance would be to err in favor of the rights of the parent except in situations where the health of the child is in verifiable danger.   

What's your position on red-flag laws, expansion of background checks to private firearms sales, imposing civil liability on sellers of firearms, or any additional regulation of the private sales of firearms?

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and have testified in front of the Texas Legislature in defense of this right.  I see these efforts and regulations as a way to try to restrict the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.  The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed to us by both the Texas and United States Constitutions, and I will not sit idly by while bureaucrats in Washington try to diminish this right through legislation.  


How will you improve the transparency and access to financial and other records for the public?

I operate an open and transparent office and will continue to do so.  Our budget is open to public inspection, and annually I present our budget needs publicly in Commissioners’ Court.  In addition to making records available via timely responses to Public Information Requests, I keep the public informed about our operations via our website and social media channels.  Additionally, we welcome our community into our office to get a first-hand look at our operations through the Citizens Academy and ride-along programs.   

What are the top 3 areas where the budget for this office needs to be adjusted?

As the incumbent, I’ve had the opportunity to work for three terms to fight for a budget that will adequately protect the people of Precinct 4, while at the same time being cognizant of the reality that our budget comes from taxes paid by the hard working people of Montgomery County.  I will continue to be a good steward of the taxpayer's money in my next term.   


Is there anything in your background of an embarrassing nature that should be explained before your election? Arrests/Convictions? Bankruptcys?


How should the sheriff/constable handle corruption in his department, even when he thinks there isn't any?

I think it is critical to lead by example and make it absolutely clear that there is zero tolerance for corruption in my department.    Verified corruption will be handled to the fullest extent of the law including termination when warranted.  

How much of a problem is county hiring based on the "good old boy" / "loyalty to leadership" instead of one's ability to efficiently and ethically perform their tasks and functions? and what can realistically be done about it?

I can only speak to my office, and in my office, I seek to hire the most qualified individuals for the job without consideration of relationship.  Our hiring process consists of a physical agility test, written evaluation, and a TCOLE firearms qualification.  The final step is an oral interview with a board consisting of at least one Precinct 4 citizen.  This thorough hiring process ensures that the deputies we hire are the most qualified candidates best equipped to serve the people of Precinct 4. 


What is your position on taking federal money for your department?

I am not opposed to evaluating and potentially taking advantage of federal programs to secure funds to increase the safety and security of Precinct 4. 

How would your election affect you financially?

It would not.  Being the Constable of Precinct 4 is my job.  But my commitment to this office is more than just a paycheck; it is a passion for my community and the service of it.  I am fortunate to be in a position where my livelihood is not dependent upon the outcome of an election.