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The constable is an elected position with a four-year term and has a jurisdiction in one of the 5 Justice of the Peace districts. The constable's main duty is to serve the justice of the peace and is an authorized peace officer. The constable has statewide jurisdiction to execute any criminal process, and countywide jurisdiction to execute any civil process. The constable may also execute process issued by some state agencies.



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Submitted by john wertz on 2020-01-29 14:44:40


Major Issues

1.  The primary focus of the constables office is serving papers.

2.  A major concern is if a Commissioner is using his Constables office as his own police force, for their own gain and not as much for the public protection.

3.  Another concern is expanding the office to "cover" for the void left by a "shortage" of sheriff's deputies.

4.  Is Specialization (Child Pronography, Mental Health, Drug War, Human Trafficking, etc.) under the constable's office more effective/efficient than under the sheriffs' office?

5.  In this particular constables' race, concern has arisen after an investigation into T-Cole violations by Constable Hayden were alledgedly quashed by some high-ranking elected official.  As a result, someone released testimonials against Hayden, despite the latters claim he's been exonnerated.  See the 411 page document under "Cons" on his page..