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Ron Hale
Party Republican
Education Some college and online tech school
Occupation Engineer/ Security Consultant
Religion Brethren
Marital Married

Ron Hale


MCTP Rating 81 Source

Submitted by kenneth vaughn on 2016-02-02 06:42:56


  • Field experience and global knowledge of industry/RRC
  • Espouses conservative, free market principles
  • Proponent of consumption taxes (versus property taxes)


  • Short on the legal end(though plenty of attorney's on staff)
  • Not sure he understands legal property/mineral rights ownership
  • Claims to be a Professional Engineer (i.e. PE); however, he also indicates that he does not have a college degree, which is a requirement for obtaining a Texas P.E. license from the Board of Professional Engineers. Further, a search at failed to return any record for Ron Hale. Finally, his statements during his interview (mark 3:17) imply that he only has a certification to perform certain types of fire protection and/or security engineering, but this designation does not appear to qualify a holder to use the term Professional Engineer or PE per...  More

MCTP Interview Source

Submitted by kenneth vaughn on 2015-12-31 22:39:40




What are the three main attributes that make you the most qualified for this position?

I am a licensed professional engineer in the security industry and I am training in Anti-Terrorism assessments. 


What are the three main reasons you are running for this office? Do you see any potential conflicts of interest?

a. The incumbent has questionable ties to NG Lobbyists.

b. The RRC is stuck in the ancient past technology wise.

c. The public is not being informed properly about what the Texas RRC does

What differentiates you from your opponents?

I’m the only engineer in the race with actual Texas energy industry business experience. 

What is the most important problem you see that needs to be addressed by the position your running for and what do you propose to solve it?

Getting reapproved by sunset commission. I would solve it by first getting the name change for the Texas RRC so people better understand what the office does.

Civic, Political or union organization or individuals to whom you have contributed (five years):

HYR, King Street Patriots, Downtown Houston Pachyderm, Greater Houston Pachyderm, Harris County Republican Party, Republican Party of Texas, RNC, Dan Patrick, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry

List all individuals/groups you have represented or lobbied for before any governmental entity during the past five years.

None. I don’t like lobbyists. 


How much efficiency (savings) to the taxpayer can you introduce into the RRC?

Well the best of all going completely paperless.


What are the best ways to fund government services and why?

Sales tax everyone pays equal shares.

Do you support or oppose a Business Tax to reduce property taxes?

Well depends on what type of business tax. If sales tax increase yes.

10th Amendment

What's the biggest federal over reach issue for the position you're running for?

EPA WOTUS. Trying to take control of all fresh water in America.

Other civil liberty

Do you support spousal benefits for same-sex partners of State employees?

NO. I support plus 1 benefits.


Please describe what you believe is the proper role for the state government in job creation and intervention in the economy.

NO. Just regulation to maintain safe working environments. 

What side are you on in a clash between land owner and explorationists?

Land owner.


How would you balance the use of existing energy sources with the development of alternate energy sources in Texas?

I would balance everything equally because we should not play favorites with the industries.

How can companies assure nearby residents that hydraulic fracturing is safe for their drinking water.

Better informing them. Fracking has been around for 60+ years and to break it to them easy they drill down the highest of 10-14 empire state buildings.


Are you active with any Tea Party or conservative grassroots organization? If so, list which, how long and what capacity? If not, what's your opinion of Tea Party groups here as to their effectiveness?

Was involved with King Street Patriots from 2011 Cypress team Party for last 3 years just attending member who would pass along information.

What RRC energy source are you most familiar with?

I’m actual most familiar with all the energy resources.

What presidential candidate do you feel will best represent the USA and Texas?

This is a question I will stay away from sorry.